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Experion offers its expertise in the area right from consulting to implementation. Experion Technologies kick-start digital transformation service initiatives through Minimum Viable Product development (MVP). Request EXPERION TECHNOLOGIES Pricing to get more information.


Experion Digital Transformation Services guarantees several benefits to organizations in various measures such as competitiveness, customer experience, business simplification, speed of operations, efficiency and growth. The key offerings of the companies includes:

Key Features:

Experion develops and provides solutions that deliver substantial returns on investment for clients through increased sales, reduced back-office costs, and savings on inventory. Experion Technologies kick-start digital transformation for client companies through Minimum Viable Product development (MVP). Its offerings include: Internet of Things: IoT connects millions of devices to the Internet and captures even the smallest bit of sensitive data for storage and analysis. Experion has successfully integrated IoT into its solution portfolio as a part of its digital transformation efforts. IoT services from Experion include asset monitoring, smart maintenance, and predictive healthcare. Smart Mobility:  Smart mobility solutions help retailers to boost sales output, healthcare institutions to enhance patient experience, logistics owners to keep track of their supply chain, and manufacturers to provide predictive maintenance for their machines. Its solutions enable companies to fulfill customer expectations, leading to profitability and loyalty. Experion offers a large range of smart mobility services that prove the transformative power of technology, including mobile app development, testing & QA, and support services & consulting. Consulting Services: Experion helps enterprises successfully chart the path to digital transformation through its experienced team of professionals who are well-versed in cutting-edge software development. Consulting services from Experion include digital strategy, quick deployment, UI/UX engineering, and analytics. Blockchain: Blockchain solutions from Experion are adopted by enterprises and product companies of all sizes. Experts from Experion provide support right from product conceptualization all the way to development & deployment. Blockchain services from Experion include Blockchain Proofs-of-Concept, Smart Contract Development, Private Blockchain Solutions, ICO Platform Development, Cryptocurrency Wallets, and Blockchain Consulting Services. Robotic Process Automation: RPA experts from Experion help clients identify a realistic automation objective and begin the transition process using the latest solutions and processes. RPA services from Experion include process selection, RPA tool evaluation, RPA implementation, and monitoring & maintenance.
  • FieldMax: FieldMax is an enterprise-level sales force automation solution that automates the main operational functions of any CPG or FMCG business, such as sales, marketing, and distribution. Powered by innovative technologies, FieldMax is an integrated solution configured to suit the business and operational needs of any sales & distribution organization. The FieldMax Suite includes FieldMax CPG, FieldMax Van Sales, FieldMax Retail, FieldMax Audit, and FieldMax BI-Business Insights.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +14 Consulting Services
  • +13 Smart Mobility
  • +10 Conulting Services
  • +9 Smart Mobility
  • +14 Consulting Services
  • +12 Customer Support
  • +13 Post Purchase Support
  • +11 Technical Support
  • +10 Hosted / On-Cloud
  • +9 On-Premise
  • +7 1 to 3
  • +5 Blockchain
  • +14 IoT
  • +11 Mobility/ Social Media
  • +6 Robotics
  • +8 more than 3
  • +13 AI
  • +10 Big Data & Analytics
  • +9 Cloud Computing
  • +12 Cybersecurity
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