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Cable & Wireless Communications DRaaS is a comprehensive solution that protects business data and applications by replicating and backing up the entire environment. It provides four solutions for different platforms, namely DRaaS X86, DRaaS Oracle, DRaaS Power p, and DRaaS Power i. DRaaS X86 is a complete replication solution typically focused on Microsoft environments. It is instrumental in replicating data in real-time at a block level, providing an immediate failover and failback capacity for most critical production servers. Request CABLE & WIRELESS WORLDWIDE Pricing to get more information.


Cable & Wireless Worldwide's DRaaS Oracle solution provides seamless replication for Oracle databases. In the event of a disaster during the replication process, this solution makes changes to the standby database. All these changes are replicated in the standby database with security parameters within the application. In this process, there is no restoration delay, pressure on other systems, or unavailability of hardware. DRaaS Power p and DRaaS Power i provide seamless replication for the recovery of business-critical data and applications on IBM platforms by integrating necessary services. Cable & Wireless Communications’ easy backup solution allows end-users to backup and restore their data for both physical and virtual servers, as well as laptops and desktops. This solution requires no capital investment and can be installed quickly to protect important data immediately.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +8 Case Study
  • +5 Conferences
  • +7 Whitepaper/Blog
  • +14 Backup Basis
  • +5 Multiple Recovery Points
  • +13 Real-time Basis
  • +11 Automated Recovery
  • +8 Data Migration
  • +10 DR Testing
  • +12 Monitoring and Alerting
  • +6 Compliance Management
  • +9 Backup and Recovery
  • +10 Enterprise Data Archiving
  • +8 Replication
  • +13 Business Consulting Services
  • +6 Education & Training
  • +5 Network Assessment
  • +14 Support & Maintenance
  • +9 Application License Management
  • +10 Application Session Management and Containerization
  • -9 Other Support Activiies
  • -6 Proof of Concept
  • -14 Social Media
  • -10 Merge Replication
  • -11 Snapshot Replication
  • -9 Transactional Replication
  • -12 Specify Others
  • -6 Self-Service Portal
  • -7 Other Features
  • -9 Interactive Dashboards
  • -13 Other
  • -5 Archival Planning and Data Migration
  • -9 Directory Management
  • -14 Enterprise Content Assessment
  • -7 Retrieval Analytics
  • -8 Verification and Validation
  • -10 Others please specify
  • -11 Data Isolation and Security
  • -12 Other Services
  • -7 Compliance & Risk Management
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CABLE & WIRELESS WORLDWIDE presence in Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cable & Wireless Communications is one of the leading providers of telecommunications across the Caribbean and Latin American regions. The company is a pioneer in providing best-in-class services in mobile, broadband, fixed voice, video services to consumers, and connectivity and managed services to businesses and governments. It has a presence in Panama, the Bahamas, the Seychelles, and 15 Caribbean countries. In April 2016, the company released an enhanced version of its DRaaS offering. The company strengthened its DRaaS capabilities by developing dedicated DR plans for each of its DRaaS offering. This benefitted business customers with robust business continuity and industry compliance. In February 2016, Cable & Wireless Communications launched a complete cloud suite in St. Lucia. The suite enabled businesses to cope in a fast-changing and competitive environment with state-of-the-art services, including connectivity, managed network services, colocation services, workspace services, IT services, and DRaaS. This also enabled customers to be more efficient. In March 2015, Cable & Wireless Communications acquired Columbus, marking a transformational step for the company, as it drastically accelerated the expansion of its product portfolio, as well as increased its customer base. Through this acquisition, Columbus offered a wide range of ICT solutions, including cloud-based services for SMEs, large enterprises, and government organizations. The acquisition enabled Cable & Wireless Communications to expand its expertise in B2B and Business-to-Government (B2G) businesses in diverse regions.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Data isolation and security
  2. Product Features and Functionality / Backup and recovery
  3. Product Features and Functionality / Replication features
  4. Support services / Support & Maintenance
  5. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Replication
  6. Product Features and Functionality / Enterprise data archiving
  7. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Backup and Recovery
  8. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Enterprise Data Archiving
  9. Support services / Business Consulting Services
  10. Support services / Network Assessment
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