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Microsoft provides Azure Site Backup services with features such as application protection, alternative to tapes, consistent management, and intelligent restore. Azure Backup supports environments, including the cloud (private, hosted, and public cloud), hypervisors (Hyper-V and VMware), on-premises components (files and folders, and enterprise apps), and applications (Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint). Azure Site recovery provides features, such as automated protection and replication of VMs, orchestrated recovery, failover and recover, and replicating workloads to Azure, which eliminates the need for a secondary data center. Site recovery provides customized tailored protection, recovery plans, orchestrated recovery, and replication flexibility. It supports the Hyper-V and VMware platforms.

Microsoft provides the Operations Management Suite (OMS), which includes Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery (ASR), automation and control, and protection and recovery service offerings for businesses. The suite provides backup, DR features and functionalities, such as integrated services, change tracking, monitoring and alerting, Azure services, minimal complexity of deployment, and security and audit services.

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MICROSOFT CORPORATION Presence in Disaster Recovery as a Service
Microsoft caters to various verticals, such as communications and media, health, hospitality and transportation, manufacturing and resources, and retail and consumer goods. In January 2016, Microsoft announced an enhanced migration and DR for VMware, using the ASR. This enhancement enables customers to protect and replicate their VMware VMs and physical servers to Azure, without the requirement for deploying any replication or orchestration components in Azure IaaS. This benefits customers using Azure, with improved manageability and simplicity. In October 2015, Microsoft announced its partnership with Dell to help customers leverage the cloud. Dell joined the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program to help its customers. This partnership enables Dell to build customer-centric cloud solutions to address various core business needs, including backup and DR. In March 2015, Microsoft partnered with Cisco Systems to offer cloud services. The partnership between the two companies created combined and superior IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions, thus further ensuring DR, low cost of ownership, and increased revenue for enterprises.
#1 Product Features and Functionality / Data isolation and security
#2 Product Features and Functionality / Enterprise data archiving
#3 Product Features and Functionality / Backup and recovery
#4 Product Features and Functionality / Replication features
#5 Product Features and Functionality / Replication functionality


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