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NTT Communications offers cloud recovery service, which focuses on cloud-based server replication. It also offers DR Target as a service platform, built on the VCC technology that benefits customers with SLAbacked RTOs and RPOs. The key features of cloud recovery service are failover and failback in minutes, flexible scheduling for maintenance windows, scale with individual organizations and timelines, secure online portal, real-time activity reporting, and system health check reporting. NTT’s Multi-Cloud Connect caters to the dynamic business needs of customers. The company’s cloud recovery service provides the capability to virtually increase the number of servers, thus eliminating restrictions on the server count to be included in a single environment. Request NTT COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Pricing to get more information.


NTT's cloud recovery service supports various platforms, including CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, and Microsoft Windows Server. It also supports different applications, such as Microsoft File Services, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, and Linux File Server and Oracle. The company offers the pay-as-you-go pricing model on a monthly subscription basis to businesses. The company’s Multi-Cloud Connect service enables customers to securely and directly connect to public cloud providers, such as Azure and Amazon Web Services from within its data centers and backbone.


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    Multiple Recovery Points
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    Self-Service Portal
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    Automated Recovery
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    DR Testing
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    Interactive Dashboards
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    Monitoring and Alerting
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    Backup and Recovery
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    Archival Planning and Data Migration
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    Compliance Management
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    Directory Management
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    Enterprise Content Assessment
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    Retrieval Analytics
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    Verification and Validation
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    Enterprise Data Archiving
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NTT COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Presence in Disaster Recovery as a Service
NTT Communications has a presence in the US, APAC, the UK, and MEA. It has a strong customer base and business in the Asian market and the ICT industry. In January 2016, NTT Communications announced the launch of the Osaka 5 data center in Osaka, Japan that combines extensive disaster countermeasures and ideal network environments to enable its customers to accelerate their business development and efficiency. The Osaka 5 data center is fully equipped for DR to minimize the impact of any future disasters in Osaka. In October 2015, NTT Communications and Netmagic announced the launch of the ninth data center in Mumbai, India. The data center delivers Netmagic's entire suite of services, including dedicated hosting, managed colocation, IT Infrastructure monitoring and management, cloud computing, managed security-managed app hosting, and DR. In October 2015, the company launched its DRaaS service in Europe in partnership with Geminare, an industry leading platform provider. This service enables businesses to securely operate on NTT Communications’ cloud platform. Customers are benefitted from the choice of recovery environments from different secure enterprise cloud locations in Europe and assistance with their data localization requirements. NTT Communications has steadily enhanced its capabilities and expanded its customer reach. Similar to many other telco offerings, NTT Communications has leveraged the resiliency management platform from Geminare to deliver its market-leading DRaaS solutions, although the company has strategically integrated its global solutions portfolio to enhance its market offerings.
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