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QlikView Embedded Analytics Software
Pennsylvania, USA
$500MN to $1BN
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QlikView Embedded Analytics Software USP

QlikView is a centrally managed end-to-end data discovery platform that provides guided analytics for business users. It enables users to analyze data and use data discovery to facilitate decision making through natural search. QlikView and QlikSense offer a wide range of chart visualizations, including bar charts, tables, line charts, gauges, scatter plots, pie charts, and pivot tables with customizations available. OEM partners producing Windows desktop software are embedding QlikView using the QlikView OCX control and Qlik Sense using Qlik Sense.NET SDK. QlikView and Qlik Sense visualizations can be embedded in any software written in any language that works with OCX or .NET, for example C#, C++, or Visual Basic. QlikTech applications can be customized to match the look and feel of the applications they are to be integrated with. Request QlikView Embedded Analytics Software Pricing to get more information.


360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +12 Design
  • +10 Pricing
  • +11 Quality
  • +8 Subscription / Licensing
  • +10 On-Premise
  • +5 Consulting services
  • +14 Education and Training
  • +13 Support and maintenance
  • +8 Ad Hoc Querying
  • +10 Big Data Management
  • +9 Customized Solutions Offered
  • +12 Data Access and Integration
  • +13 Data Discovery
  • +6 Interactive Dashboards and Reports
  • +14 Real-time Data Analytics
  • +7 Self-service Analytics
  • +5 Static Reporting
  • +8 licenses
  • +7 Products/Solutions Offered
  • +12 Product Offerings
  • -10 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -11 New Products/Extensions
  • -12 R&D Spend
  • -13 New Product Launched
  • -13 Ease of use
  • -13 Focus on Product Innovation
  • -11 Multi-tenant capabilities (for cloud deployments)
  • -6 Customer Service
  • -5 Customized Solutions Offered
  • -14 End-to-End solution
  • -7 Full Time Equivalent
  • -7 Others
  • -9 Per User Basis
  • -6 Managed Services
  • -7 Other Services
  • -13 Benchmarking and Data Modeling
  • -5 Data Availability, Integrity, and Security
  • -14 Data Quality
  • -12 Mobile Reporting
  • -6 Other Functions
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QlikView Embedded Analytics Software presence in Embedded Analytics Software

QlikTech is among the leading software providers delivering BI platforms to companies. The company has been at the forefront in bringing platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, and reporting. It is expanding its regional presence by collaborating with global distributors. For instance, its partnership with Keyrus, a data intelligence company, enabled the expansion of QlikTech’s business operations in 20 countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, UAE, US, Canada, Brazil, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Israel, and South Africa. Its strategic inorganic growth can also be witnessed in its acquisition of NComVA AB, a Swedish company specializing in advanced visualization technology. This partnership helped Qlik to expand its advanced analytics portfolio. The company’s organic growth strategy involves product developments and new product launches. In May 2107, the company launched the preview of Qlik Sense June 2017, the newest release of its nextgeneration application for self-service BI and visual analytics. Additionally, the company benefits from its extensive network of over 1,700 global partners, which include solution providers, OEMs, system integrators and business consultants, technology partners, and master resellers.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Solutions Offered
  2. Solutions Offered / Static Reporting
  3. Solutions Offered / Data Discovery
  4. services / Support and maintenance
  5. services / Education and Training
  6. services / Consulting services
  7. Solutions Offered / Real-time Data Analytics
  8. Solutions Offered / Data Access and Integration
  9. Deployment Model / On-Premise
  10. Solutions Offered / Interactive Dashboards and Reports