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Using Achievers, companies can build a strong and positive culture for better employee engagement. This software allows all the employees in a company to identify themselves and share individual success stories with everyone in the company. The Achievers software helps large companies to cultivate a culture of recognition by rewarding employee performance and achievements. 

Achievers Reviews

  • Widely accepted Platform: Achievers as an employee engagement software is widely accepted by most organisations and big companies. Using Achievers, companies can capitalise on the power of communication and acknowledgement  needed to keep a team together
  • Simple interface which is easy to use: Unlink most social media platforms, the Achievers software is easy to learn and use. Employees can learn not about the managers in a company but also about other employees they are working with. 

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Amber delivers actionable insights to HR to help them improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, and comprehend overall sentiment. The bot reaches out to personnel in a customized and timely manner based on milestones in a staff member’s tenure. It also asks relevant questions and listens and responds accordingly. The tool delivers deep and clear analytics on employee engagement. 

Amber Reviews

  1. Reach Out to Employees – With Amber, businesses can have conversations with their staff and deliver an excellent experience and workplace culture to them. The software enables organizations to provide a human touch to the workforce engagement. 
  2. Direct Communication Channel – Amber opens a direct communication channel between management and employees. Enterprises are able to measure staff morale and address and rectify their concerns quickly. 
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Backstitch is a platform that provides a branded content center so that the user can easily showcase the company’s policies, programs, benefits, etc. to the employees and other internal members of the company. It ensures maximum employee engagement through its Employee App along with AI and Automation that always shows the most relevant information to employees on an individual level.
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What's unique about Balloon is how it lets users make anonymous contributions. There's no fear of judgment such as being fired or facing consequences as employees are free to express how they feel without anyone finding it. Balloon doesn't just create an environment of psychological safety but provides users a platform where they can collaborate on ideas together and implement feedback instead of being vulnerable to rankings, cognitive biases or any type of superiority. 

Balloon Reviews

  • Makes workplaces fun and transparent - Since there's no ego or fear of judgment, Balloon turns workplaces into happier environments. Employees give more inputs and leaders get to think outside the box.

  • Helps Brainstorm  Solutions As a Team - The platform encourages teamwork and provides a setting for working on projects together. Inputs are shared from diverse teams and solutions are worked upon in groups.
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Beekeeper is an easy-to-use, powerful in-house communication platform for businesses. It resolves communication-based issues like translation, miscommunication, bulky individual transfers, communication security, and employee motivation to assist in improving and retaining employee engagement across divisions, departments, teams, and individuals.

Beekeeper CRM Reviews

  1. Empowering employees – Beekeeper allows employees to connect to each other while also promoting workplace engagement.

  1. Focus on big data – Make crucial decisions based on real-time data that is analyzed efficiently by the Analytics Dashboard.

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Blink will what your existing computer network will, solely it will be higher and it will a lot of. Blink, your documents lived in one app. cluster chats happened in another. Onboarding data was held on here and workflows were held there. Your computer network existed principally to host the calendar and advantages data and to handle leave requests. Currently your work force will access a lot of the tools they have in one place.Blink isn't simply associating degree apps with basic computer network options. It's associate degree data repository combined with an electronic communication tool, and an area to store, sort, and access. It’s additionally associate degree hour kit associate degreed an automation hub for digitizing paper-based processes through powerful micro-apps.

Blink Reviews

  • Blink is secure - Blink’s platform was engineered with security woven into each corner of its design.
  • Compliance - Blink allows you to monitor electronic communication in period therefore you'll establish potential breaches still because the inappropriate use of sensitive knowledge within your organization.
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App developers can use Branch to increase revenue and in-app efficiency. It helps businesses to fuel cross-platform and cross-channel mobile growth to deliver the users with the most relevant and current resources via affordable Branch Pricing plans. Users can create custom data views to cater to the needs of every team member. The software also offers app retention metrics spending on media sources, platforms, and channels.

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What makes this software so special is the fact that it offers a quick and reliable solution when it comes to cloud storage and accessing resources which are located at a remote location. 

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App developers can use Branch to increase revenue and in-app efficiency. It helps businesses to fuel cross-platform and cross-channel mobile growth to deliver the users with the most relevant and current resources via affordable Branch Pricing plans. Users can create custom data views to cater to the needs of every team member. The software also offers app retention metrics spending on media sources, platforms, and channels.

Branch Reviews


  • Ultimate user-engagement software with flexible features: Software offers easy publication on multiple social media platforms and seamless integration. It automatically generates the preview cards that are easy to share. 
  • Easy-to-use tech software: Users can create multiple links according to the pre-decided business parameters almost automatically. Users can personalize the links as well. 

Ps: 100% Unique Content

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Fond is AN worker rewards program that allows your staff to send points to each alternative, at the side of recognitions for toil, major accomplishments, and more. staff around the world use these points to redeem unimaginable rewards and company perks on the Fond platform. Fond Rewards points ne'er expire, and unused points are returned to your company, although AN worker leaves or is unemployed.



Fond Reviews


  • Rewards the Staff - Seamlessly rewarding the staff with thousands of things and experiences accessible globally, like company-branded swag, charitable donations, gift cards, and more.
  • Customize Everything-Customizes the rewards to be company-specific and make recognition events that embody your distinctive company values.
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Friday enables staff to understand their happiness at work. The software gives insights into what increases and decreases happiness, and how it can be improved. It facilitates anonymous reporting so employees can securely express their opinions on unsavory work aspects without fear of retribution. Team leaders can conduct conversations with team members to learn about issues that impact their work. They can resolve the concerns satisfactorily to help employees work more productively.

Friday Reviews

  1. Track Staff Happiness – HR leaders and managers can use Friday’s multi-team dashboard to monitor team happiness each week. 
  2. Identify and Resolve Issues – Utilize tools like impact analysis, heat maps, and frontline feedback to learn about vital organizational problems and take swift steps to resolve them to help employees work without any concerns. 
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Glint provides a secure platform to gain feedback that sparks insights to make real and effective changes and improvements. Through intuitive design, real-time data collection through the employee experience, insights across all feedback programs, Glint focuses on providing superlative employee engagement. It’s designed to support complex, global organizations, regardless of their structure.

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Henry software system isn't any longer rising and riotous technologies, however rather thought. Cloud primarily based business applications vary from structured software systems like Trello and Slack to Enterprise-management software systems like ERPs, web page management systems and CRMs. Henry software system as a Service may be a software system licensing and delivery model within which software systems are licenced to a user. The software system, or application is accessed via the net and an internet browser. you are not got to install and maintain the software system regionally.

Henry Reviews

  • Performance Management - Set of activities Associate in Nursing outputs meets associate organization's goals in economical|a good} and economical manner.
  • Goal Management - Tracking goals to supply steering and direction, facilitate organizations evaluate performance, and inspire and encourage staff.
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With Betterworks Engage, businesses can perform continuous listening using pulse polls and surveys, and understand real-time staff sentiments at all stages of their work tenure. The software’s robust analytics delivers actionable insights. Evaluate granular information and glean insights. Slice and dice data across demographics, departments, categories, etc. 

Utilize real-time listening tools to learn what’s vital to your employees. The best part is you can do this in the staff member’s preferred language. 

Betterworks Engage Reviews

  1. Strong Analytics – Company management and HR leaders can use Betterwork Engage’s machine learning algorithms and powerful analytics tools to identify issues and understand their organization’s heartbeat to implement successful employee initiatives. 
Configure Access Levels – Produce audience-based surveys and define access levels for departments, groups, and individuals.
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Jalapeño is designed to foster engagement and interactions in workplaces. The cool thing about Jalapeño is how it's tailored to meet the needs of individuals and not just businesses. Every person is unique and Jalapeño takes this into account before running analytics and making recommendations. 

Jalapeño Reviews

  • Boosts productivity and performance- Happier employees lead to growth and successful businesses. Jalapeño identifies key performance drivers and outlines workplace plans that work

  • Customizable and Engaging - From creating surveys to customized programs for employees, Jalapeño serves as a culture coach for brands and provides personalized feedback. With the addition of consulting services, it's a go-platform for optimizing business performance.
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JHipster is absolutely free of cost for its users. It provides a hassle-free environment to create full-fledged, high-quality web applications within a few seconds.

JHipster keeps launching learning projects for those who are interested in free collaborative learning. It also provides samples and sources for different applications it uses such as Angular application, React application, Vue.js application, etc.

JHipster Reviews

  •  Provides Firm Ground-Base from the Beginning - JHipster provides the users with a diverse technology stack. It not only configures the entire project, but also enhances the coding, providing a firm ground-base for the project.

  • Automates the Building of Web Applications - JHipster automates the development of web applications, along with providing the developers with basic to necessary training required in the development process.
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Joyous is known to create a healthy work environment internally which leads to a team of the stress-free and happy workforce. A company’s greatest asset is its workforce and keeping the workforce satisfied by addressing their feedback and solving their grievances can result in improved productivity of the company as a whole. Joyous aims at engaging invisible employees and encourages them to participate more in the happenings of the firm by inculcating a sense of belongingness in them. Employees can provide anonymous feedback which enables the higher authorities to get more acquainted with the internal affairs of the firm, even at ground levels.   
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Kazoo is a platform that acknowledges the main asset of a company, the employees. It aims at creating a better workplace experience in order to increase the productivity of the firm. It provides an easy-to-use dashboard experience which further provides the user with clear insights about the most thriving performances as well as the lowest-performing individuals. Kazoo provides the most relevant features and is cost-effective in every manner.

Kazoo Reviews

  • Employee Recognition & Rewards - Kazoo opens gateways for the companies to strengthen the internal culture by recognizing the employees with good potential. This helps the employees to feel motivated, appreciated and more connected with the organization.
  • Emulates Employer-Employee Relationship - Continuous feedback and greater workplace culture emulates the employer-employee relationship significantly, hence increasing the productivity of the organization.
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The unique selling point (USP) of KUDOS in employee engagement software is its ability to engage team members beyond just recognition. KUDOS provides tools and resources to help employees learn, develop, and grow. Features such as surveys, pulse polls, and real-time feedback make KUDOS a comprehensive and dynamic solution to help boost employee engagement, morale, and productivity in the workplace.
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Oahu’ SaaS platform streamlines the on-boarding process and integrates the employee’s passion to get involved. The customizable approach connects employees with common values that drive productivity and company growth. 

The platform emphasizes giving, well-being, and socialization tools to inspire a positive corporate culture. This makes employees happier, healthier, and safer at work resulting in better retention and talent recruitment.

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Ohana works under four principles viz. interact, know, share and experience. The main focus of the software is to enhance workplace experience entirely and provide a platform for the employee to interact and engage more with the company, promoting a sense of belongingness. Ohana provides a medium to INTERACT more often with more and more people associated internally with the company. It allows the employees to KNOW more about the company, focusing on transparency and creating awareness regarding certain issues. Ohana is a platform to SHARE relevant information, moments and grievances if any, hence creating an overall positive workplace EXPERIENCE for each and every employee.

Ohana Reviews

  • Virtual Space for Interaction - Ohana provides a virtual space for the employees where they could engage more with the company, regardless of the time and place of the work.
  • Problem Solver Platform - Ohana is a platform that is known for solving problems related to most of the internal matters of the organization in a very organized and systematic way, within no time.
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Perception's specialty lies in uncovering true and hidden emotions in employees. Some employees are afraid to express their sentiments and have opinions that may be valuable to businesses. Perception uncovers these sentiments using a blend of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. 

Perception Reviews

  • Honest Feedback - There's no cognitive bias when getting feedback through perception. The sentiments and opinions generated are honest and clearly communicate underlying problems
Actionable insights - Perception provides business owners with new opportunities for growth and engagement by uncovering hidden insights. It acts fast by using AI and Natural Language processing by providing real-time actionable insights and adapts to changing environments.
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What makes this software so special is the fact that it offers a platform for the businesses to judge, analyze and impose control measures to improve their employee productivity and performance. It can help businesses to create a more suitable and healthy working environment for their employees to work efficiently without taking too much stress and pressure. This leads their employees to create best and creative solutions for the company and contributes to the future growth.

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Porpoise is a useful tool for companies to retain their employees and magnetically attract new ones. It not only helps companies to improve employee engagement but also internal communications through various simple workplace related programs and cultural events. Porpoise helps companies to integrate with a variety of corporate social networks that allows employees to access unlimited authentic stories with a great impact. 

Porpoise Reviews

  1. Measuring what matters: Porpoise motivates companies to be a part of something bigger and create something good. It reflects the culture, values and ideals of a company. 
  2. Porpoise helps companies to elevate and celebrate the employees: Porpoise allows companies to access relevant and fresh social content every day. The content is usually about employees giving back and thus it helps companies to elevate the spirits of the working employees. 
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Praiseworthy brings employee engagement software designed to increase employee motivation and performance across front-line team employees. The software is based on individual feedback management software focusing on individually reviewing employees. With the integration of API and analytics, one can predict outcomes, allowing the organization to revamp its processes.
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Propeller may be a gender diversity initiative launched to assist girls and non-binary of us increase their presence, influence, and skilled partnerships in their communities and therefore the work. Through its events and partnerships, Propel Her aims to supply steering and tools that support gender-diverse leaders, as well as mentorship, negotiations, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Propeller Reviews

  1. Advancing the Voice of Employees - Engaged and happy workers translate to improved client service that successively drives growth for businesses.
  2. Customer Experience - Organizational KPIs typically begin with the simplest of intentions.
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What makes this software so special is the fact that it offers a comprehensive HR solution which can be used and implemented from anywhere in the world. With multiple different features, it has added an extra dimension to the process of HR operation. 

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What makes this application so special is the fact that it is highly customizable and user friendly. With drag and drop feature and allowing businesses to download the data in Excel format gives them more flexibility 

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SpeakUp is an employee engagement software that is aimed towards building a great relationship between the employees and their employers. The software seamlessly integrates with all systems including Trello. Managers can easily use it to approve varied solutions and ideas as well as address any issues the employees might be facing in an organized manner. They can automatically create a Trello card to track and manage its implementation in Trello. 

SpeakUp Reviews 

  1. Efficient and Secure tool: SpeakUp offers an extremely efficient and secure platform to list out any infrastructure issues or other issues with reference to the employer. 
  2. User-Friendly Design: This platform brings an extremely user-friendly design that presents the strengths and performance metrics of the employees to the senior management very easily. 
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StatusApp helps discover blockers, internal problems and communication gaps straight off. It supports nimbleness, management selections and facilitates more practical cooperation with thirty seconds of feedback. StatusApp has extra functions supporting the choice creating and internal communication and may be used for giving daily feedback inside project teams, teams, departments and after all the total company. In the digital age everyone desires to be seen and detected and an honest leader is aware of it. StatusApp is a good easy-to-use application to induce all the knowledge you wish to understand regarding your team and company.

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