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Branch offers an employee scheduling software with a mobile digital wallet for working professionals. This technology helps them meet their daily financial needs, allowing any employee to receive money, manage their cash flow, and spend across multiple locations in the world with the help of their smartphone.

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Effective and transparent communication is the primary feature the platform provides. Scheduling and automation of updates and feedback is easy on this platform. It also offers group and one on one chat so that communication is made with the right audience and there is no excess of noise and over communication. Goal setting and feedback are also effective and action-oriented. Managers can manage permissions, and the employees can set up their notification preferences.

Crew Reviews

  • Excellent instant messaging platform - Crew is an excellent instant messaging platform for all work related updates and changes.

  • Schedule management - Management and update of schedule and last minute changes are easy and convenient to implement and communicate with this app.
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To support and protect company owners by making handling staff and performing related activities simpler, saving them time and resources to do the things they enjoy. Deputy is second-in-charge, confident and reliable.
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Homebase is a convenient solution that will integrate with many pre-existing solutions, making it very adaptable. Schedules on Homebase can be viewed by role, time period, or employee. Quickly calculate hours and copy or automate schedules. Communicate with employees with the in-program messaging tool. Also, the Time clock app is free which makes it an affordable software and helps it stand out in the market. 

Homebase Reviews

  • Understand employee satisfaction: Employees can rate their work experiences for a shift and their schedules. 

  • An adaptable solution: Since Homebase integrates with many solutions, there’s no need to discard old solutions. 
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Humanity offers a cloud-based employee scheduling software that comes with mobile functionality, and geo-location simplifying the day-to-day employee management processes for employers. The software provides easy access for both the management and employee from any location, increasing productivity and employee shift schedule creation. The platform provides easy and accurately error-free, dynamic schedules. The staff can schedule themselves, request for leaves and exchange shifts all in one platform. 
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MakeShift is a convenient employee scheduling tool that’s ideal for small businesses. By providing real-time notifications, MakeShift ensures that managers and employees are all updated about work schedules. This solution encourages work/life balance, by letting employees choose availability, trade shifts or request time off, all on the mobile app.

MakeShift Reviews

  • Convenience & use: The MakeShift mobile app makes staff management easy and convenient with its accessibility. 

  • Optimal pricing: MakeShift lets you pay based on the number of employees you have and as per the add-ons you choose. 
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OTEM’s features including but not limited to Features like a mobile application, On-time Employee Manager, coupled with the Time & Attendance Biometric Machine make it an ideal platform for companies that manage field staff. This solution optimizes workflow due to its automated supervision and reporting. Further on, OTEM offers a streamlined workflow for employees, managers, and the HR teams, thus being applicable on an organization-wide level.

ONtime Employee Manager Reviews

  • Simplified Candidate Assessments: ITEM has helped in improving communication, track time and attendance, thus boosting accountability among staff. 

  • Optimal time usage: Managers receive a comprehensive view of the employees and situation they face which lead to optimal utilization of human resources.
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What makes sling employees scheduling web-based software with a unique technology with an easy interface and loads of facilities which is absolutely free. Maintaining employee schedule, budget, payroll and shift requests and shift-tracking was never this easy. Sling can be operated on Android, web-based, Cloud, iPhone/iPad and SaaS.

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Soon offers a scheduling software that helps employers and managers administer their employees without any hassle. The software provides easy access to both managers and employees. With its a state-of-the-art progressive web app, the user is always working on the latest version of Soon avoiding any time-consuming updates and ensuring a smooth flow of work. It also helps employees to update their availability at the moment, access their schedule from anywhere, post comments or request shift covers easily ensuring effective communication with the management.
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Tanda has a simple interface that allows you to manage your manpower and make your day productive by deploying your whole time to achieve the goal of your business organisation. Also, it's an automated wage calculator which helps you save a whole lot of time.

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The Unique sale Point for Viola is -

  • Easy Assignment and reassignment of the employee task force.
  • Document management, Data management and tracking data is simply under a single touch
  • Payment, Bonus, Incentive, absence can be addressed from a single simulation in a graphical way.
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The Zira Portal is a truly modern time-clock solution. Complete with face verification and Timeline mode, the Zira Portal allows employees an elegant on-location schedule management tool. The Portal also makes sure that all employees take the appropriate breaks and clock out at the right time. Employees can swap or release shifts, request time off, communicate with their managers, update their time availability and preference, track all their shifts and more from the Zira employee App for iOS and Android. Using fully configurable algorithmic scheduling, the Zira AI powered scheduling assistant allows business to create optimized and compliant schedules in just a few seconds. Zira helps businesses retain their workforce, improve morale, and avoid compliance issues.

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