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Balloon is an interactive employee engagement software that works to eliminate cognitive biases from workplaces. It guides teams and brings meaningful insights into the way teams work together. Employees get to learn more about each other and leaders tap into their true potential through the insights gained from the platform. Balloon is also easy to use, fast and efficient.

Balloon Features

->Get Inputs

  • Balloon lets users make anonymous contributions and suggestions
  • Grants user psychological safety, private and lets them communicate ideas freely
  • Balloon creates 'flights' that are different stages where teams solve problems together
  • More inputs give leaders more insights and better data, thus creating better business outcomes

->Evaluate Insights

  • Teams evaluate the questions and recommendations Balloon created in the first flight
  • Teams brainstorm solutions based on insights gained from the first flight and the  platform also assists users in making better decisions and prevent any cognitive biases from happening during an evaluation

->Feedback and Alignment

  • Removes fear of judgment, failure, and ego in teams promotes employee engagement and fosters a culture of collaborative work
  • Minimizes the need for multiple meetings and quickly aligns teams 
  • Platform was created based on the results of extensive studies on human psychology done by Google 

Balloon Pricing

Balloon pricing plans are not fixed and will change based on the business's requirements. There are no Balloon pricing plans put up on the main website and customers will have to get in touch directly with the creators to learn more about the rates.

Balloon Demo

Balloon does not have a product demo available for viewing on the official product page. Business owners can request a demo by filling up the contact form and asking for access to the platform on the website. 


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Balloon Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 04, 2020

“Makes workplaces fun and transparent”

Since there''s no ego or fear of judgment, Balloon turns workplaces into happier environments. Employees give more inputs and leaders get to think outside the box.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Helps Brainstorm Solutions As a Team”

The platform encourages teamwork and provides a setting for working on projects together. Inputs are shared from diverse teams and solutions are worked upon in groups.
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