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Disco Employee Engagement Software
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Branch is an user-engagement software that provides solutions to app development businesses to unify user measurements across multiple channels, platforms, and devices to deliver a seamless and excellent customer experience. Branch fixes broken customer journeys caused due to unresponsive links and inaccurate attribution by providing a comprehensive view of multiple user touch-points and warranting that the links take users to the correct place on the native app or website. 

Branch Features


  • Flawless User Experience
  • Take the users to the correct place across multiple channels and platforms with the strong link-matching feature of Branch
  • Seamlessly resume the journey after app install interruption with the help of deep-linked re-engagement ads to email and web campaigns


  • Attribution for Everything
  • Match touch-points from all channels with steady conversion rates on any platform through deterministic web cookie and device ID pairs of People-Based Attribution of Branch
  • Access information about the full journey of the customer by unifying fragmented data while eliminating the ineffectiveness of fingerprint-based attribution


  • Seamless Integration
  • Work with all the tools present in the existing marketing set by integrating with leading social platforms, ad networks, email providers, and data analytics
  • Sync data warehouse, marketing automation, data analytics, and media execution across multiple channels


  • Fraud Detection and Cross-platform Attribution
  • Save customer data from cyber-theft and fraud via fraud protection feature based on both app and website activity indicators
  • Track across both website and app to identity user demographics like age or gender

Brach Pricing


The Branch Pricing subscription plan comes in three different groups. The Branch Pricing plans are as follows,

  • Launch Plan( up to 10k MAUS): $0/month 
  • Start-up Plan( up to 50k MAUS): $59/month
  • Enterprise Plan( more than 200k MAUS) : Custom

Branch Demo


Users have to contact the sales team of Branch to schedule a demo on the official website. The demo would include how Branch helps in preventing broken user experiences, eliminates siloed attribution, and decreases wasted spend. 


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Disco Employee Engagement Software Reviews


Buyer Insurance

May 04, 2020

“Implement your company culture seamlessly”

Disco allows businesses to celebrate the contribution of employees as an individual as well as a team to increase workplace motivation.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Easy and fast employee recognition”

Disco’s reaction-based system paired with gift marketplace and raffle system makes employee recognition extremely easy.
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