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Friday is an employee engagement solution that enables businesses to measure the feelings of their employees by collecting their feedback. The tool provides real-time insights into organizations, teams, and individuals as they respond to workplace realities. I

It provides a Happiness KPI that helps organizations protect their business success. With Friday, companies can perform the important task of taking care of their personnel’s social and emotional wellbeing. 

Friday Features

→Agile Tool

  • Measure happiness at an organizational, department, and team level and creates a detailed analysis
  • Conduct guided conversations with team members to enable improvements and hence productivity

→Fast Pulse Check

  • Measure staff happiness at the end of each week 
  • Enable team members to analyze their work experience with their colleagues and help resolve workplace misunderstanding and issues 

→Real-time Dashboard

  • Integrated informative dashboard to get insights into positive and negative work experiences of employees 
  • Utilize the data as a starting point to improve teamwork 

→Simple yet Insightful Reports

  • Leverage detailed reports to learn which teams are doing well and those that need extra support 
  • Focus on areas that have deep organizational impact 

Friday Pricing

Friday pricing starts from $7/user/month. Select a suitable package based on the number of employees in your organization. Here is the Friday pricing model:

  1. Classic (for more than 100 employees) - $21 (one-time fee) per user
  2. Business (for 50-500 employees) - $7/user/month
  3. Enterprise (for more than 500 employees) - Discounted pricing, contact the vendor

Friday Demo

Friday offers a demo of their product and users can offer their details on the website to sign up. The vendor’s representative will initiate contact to provide the demo. This gives users a chance to understand the chief features of Friday and gauge if they suit their requirements. 


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Friday Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Identify and Resolve Issues”

Utilize tools like impact analysis, heat maps, and frontline feedback to learn about vital organizational problems and take swift steps to resolve them to help employees work without any concerns.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Track Staff Happiness”

HR leaders and managers can use Friday’s multi-team dashboard to monitor team happiness each week.
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