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Hyphen has been rebranded as Betterworks Engage. It is a cloud-hosted employee poll and survey management platform that produces pertinent insights from staff conversations and feedback. Engage enables management to gather feedback from personnel via crowd-sourced conversations, open polls, and surveys, comprehend their viewpoint and take needed actions to boost employee engagement and morale. 

The software offers pre-designed survey templates that can be customized for purposes like training, induction and exit plans, team meetings, general engagement, and more. 

Betterworks Engage facilitates trackable and simple action planning that provides advice and suggestions to help leaders decide the next measures to make a tangible impact.

Betterworks Engage Features

→ Surveys

  • Collects continuous feedback from the pre-hire stage to retirement on a single platform
  • Understand what your staff members think, resolve cultural issues, and find opportunities to boost engagement and workplace environment 

→ Polls

  • Tap the real-time pulse of employee sentiment which helps to boost employee morale
  • Capture and interpret signals about how staff members feel, think, and behave to develop a delightful workplace for every employee

→ Voice

  • Make all employees feel heard and important to the organization 
  • Close the communication gap between leaders and staff members by encouraging honest yet safe conversations 

→ Insights

  • Leverage listening to improve engagement and hence productivity 
  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence to convert feedback into insights and craft action plans to drive engagement 

Betterworks Engage Pricing

Betterworks Engage pricing details are not mentioned on the product website. Contact the vendor directly to obtain accurate Betterworks Engage pricing information and get a custom quote for your business. 

Betterworks Engage Demo

Avail a demo of the product to see its features in action by registering on their website. Fill out the contact form and provide the needed details. Utilize the chance to learn about the software’s key functionalities and gauge their suitability for your business needs. 


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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“Strong Analytics”

Company management and HR leaders can use Betterwork Engage’s machine learning algorithms and powerful analytics tools to identify issues and understand their organization’s heartbeat to implement successful employee initiatives.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Configure Access Levels”

Produce audience-based surveys and define access levels for departments, groups, and individuals.
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