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Joyous USP

Joyous is known to create a healthy work environment internally which leads to a team of the stress-free and happy workforce. A company’s greatest asset is its workforce and keeping the workforce satisfied by addressing their feedback and solving their grievances can result in improved productivity of the company as a whole. Joyous aims at engaging invisible employees and encourages them to participate more in the happenings of the firm by inculcating a sense of belongingness in them. Employees can provide anonymous feedback which enables the higher authorities to get more acquainted with the internal affairs of the firm, even at ground levels.    Request Joyous Pricing to get more information.


Joyous is an employee engagement software that provides the user with a platform to create an inclusive employee feedback culture in the company. It is loaded with features with an employee-friendly interface to increase the engagement of the employees with the organization, hence promoting an environment of healthy competition, internally. Joyous is suitable not only for organizations with minimum employee-base but also for companies with a large number of internal members.

Joyous Features

  •  Conversational Feedback 
  • Allows the employees to answer questions from the corresponding seniors in the way of emoticons and images
  • Eliminates the usage of excessively formal and lengthy corporate eMails, allowing the employees to socialize, providing a simple approach to difficult conversations

  • Live Feed
  • Provides the team leaders with the benefits of live feed to stay more connected with the respective teams
  • Allows the leaders to respond directly and quickly, dealing with issues and clarifying concerns

  • Updated Analytics
  • Collects important feedback concerning the key topics such as engagement, safety, and leadership
  • Provides useful insights to the concerned authorities including team leaders, supervisors, senior executives, etc.

  • HR Board Reports 
  • Creates board reports for the Human Resources department
  • Identifies trends, and allows the user to compare progress amongst different groups within the organization

Joyous Pricing

Joyous Pricing is bifurcated in different packages which include ‘Joyous Employee Feedback Collection’, ‘The Joyous Live Feed for Managers’ and ‘Joyous Insights’. 

Upon selecting the packages, the user can avail of the information regarding Joyous Pricing by sending the details of his company and requesting the developer for the same.

Joyous Demo

The users can access the free demo of Joyous by tapping on the ‘Book a Demo’ tab on the homepage of the official website of the software. The developers ask the users to feed information regarding the business and henceforth design a suitable demo for the user, accordingly.


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Joyous Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Nudging Leaders in the Right Direction”

Joyous has proved to be a source of motivation for the leaders to lead the junior employees in the right direction. Open feedback acts as a report card in this matter -- appreciating the right action and urging the authorities to take actions in the matters of concern, as and when needed.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 04, 2020

“Open Feedback”

The open feedback feature of the software provides more transparency in the work culture. This allows the subordinates to connect more to their supervisors.
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