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Plasticity USP

What makes this software so special is the fact that it offers a platform for the businesses to judge, analyze and impose control measures to improve their employee productivity and performance. It can help businesses to create a more suitable and healthy working environment for their employees to work efficiently without taking too much stress and pressure. This leads their employees to create best and creative solutions for the company and contributes to the future growth.

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Plasticity is a unique web and mobile app which allows businesses to measure employees engagement, their satisfaction level, work culture and various other critical analytics pertaining to your human resource, which helps them in decision making. Plasticity has been designed to enable businesses to make decisions which can help to improve the work culture of the company, which in turn would ensure satisfied employees. 

Plasticity Features 

  • Employee Pulse Survey
  • Enables user to conduct effective surveys which gives a clear picture about the general pulse of the employees
  • Allows user to get an idea about the level of job satisfaction the employees are enjoying in the company

  • Peer Recognition 
  • Provides user with a key feature like peer recognition to help them to identify the best peer for their employees
  • Plays an important role in improving mutual support and coordination among the employees

  • Employee Segmentation
  • Allows user to segment the employees in order to create a more healthy and conducive work culture
  • Ensures proper recognition of best performers and also identify those who need to improve their level of performance

  • Challenge and Goal Creation
  • Offers user with different tools to create challenges for the employees to face and improve their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Allows user to set different types of goals for their employees to achieve and can help in creating a healthy competition among them

  • Wellness Assessment
  • Allows user to assess the overall wellness of the employee, in terms of their mental and physical health
  • Offers user an in-depth view on the various hurdles and obstacles which the employees have to face

Plasticity Pricing

Plasticity comes in different versions and the Plasticity Pricing depends on the type of version the user wishes to go for. There is no trial version of Plasticity available and one needs to procure a licensed version if he wishes to deploy it. To know more about the latest Plasticity Pricing, one can visit their official website and request a query.

Plasticity Demo

The two important areas which are covered in this demo are:

  1. Deep knowledge on the key features of this software.
  2. Usage of this software in order to track employee performance and enhance their efficiency and level of productivity.


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Plasticity Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Customizable and User-friendly”

It is a high customizable employee engagement software which is user friendly and also comes with multitasking features. The software is affordable and gives full value for money.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Improve Productivity of the Business”

It can present analytical data which can help in figuring out the overall work environment in the company and can improve productivity by giving best and optimum solutions.
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