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Sift USP

What makes this application so special is the fact that it is highly customizable and user friendly. With drag and drop feature and allowing businesses to download the data in Excel format gives them more flexibility 

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Sift is a powerful search engine, which has been designed to search people in a company. It comes with a wide range of different types of features where businesses can get to see the complete profile of their individual they are searching for. With the help of this software, businesses can design an employee directory, which is easy to navigate. Sift is designed on the Java platform and hence, it is a very user friendly and flexible application.

Sift Features

  • Integration
  • Allows integration of different types of HR Software solutions to manage employee details in a more efficient manner
  • Helps to create a employee database which can be accessed from anywhere in the world

  • Upload and Store
  • Allows to manually upload the details of every single employee in the database and stores it on the cloud which can be accessed by the authorized users
  • Ensures safety of the data by incremental and automated backup mechanism

  • Employee Directory
  • Helps create a customized employee directory, where businesses can store all the details of their employees
  • Allows businesses to update and modify the database from anywhere in the world

  • Restructure
  • Offers the ability to restructure the directory in case there are any requirements like massive attrition or employment
  • Enables businesses to filter their search on the basis of different parameters

  • Drag and Drop
  • Offers drag and drop mechanism which helps businesses to edit the organizational chart
  • Ensures that the employee database remains updated all the time

Sift Pricing

As far as Sift Pricing is concerned, it depends on the version of the software businesses have opted for. Besides, the number of nodes it would be installed in, user license also determines the price of Sift software. To get more information related to the latest Sift Pricing, one can visit their official website and request a query.

Sift Demo


The demo of Sift come in 2 different segments, they are as follows

    1. Offering businesses a detailed insight into various features of the software and how to use them
  • Educating businesses on how maintaining an employee database can help businesses manage their human resources in a more efficient manner


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Sift Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Better Search Engine”

It allows businesses to create their own search engine which can be used to get hold of employee data quickly.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 04, 2020

“Reliable and User-friendly”

It is an efficient and reliable employee database mechanism software which is user friendly and also comes with multitasking features.
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