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Perception is a web-based platform that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sentiment Analysis to analyze what employees truly think about businesses. The platform believes that strong workplace cultures begin with employee engagement and happiness. By analyzing unstructured data and extracting insights from sentiments, Perception collects employee feedback and gives an insider peek into their minds along with actionable insights that help improve business performances. 

Perception Features 

->Real-Time Insights

  • Get a personalized view of what the workplace culture looks like
  • Acquire actionable insights that impact businesses and lead to growth 
  • Improve employee engagement and retention rates
  • Discover the drivers of business and employee performance

->Analyze Unstructured Data

  • Collect unstructured data and organize it
  • Gather sentiments, opinions, and thoughts about businesses from employees
  • Platform reveals true emotions by using a combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
  • Test out different campaigns and analyze the effectiveness of team members 

->Collect and get feedback

  • Acquire employee inputs and open-ended texts
  • Create surveys and identify benchmarks for assessing workforce engagement
  • Change the way people work, share ideas, and foster a culture for collaboration
  • Implement new ideas and hack the growth curve by improving workplace culture

Perception Demo

A demo video is available on the website. There are visuals on display that explain its key features and how it works on the product page. Business is allowed to schedule a free demo of the software by directly getting in touch with the brand and filling up their contact form. A 3-minute tour of the software is also available for viewing after visitors submit the form online.

Perception Pricing

Perception pricing plans are not open to the public. This a common practice among manufacturers of commercial employee engagement software. Perception pricing will depend on the size and requirements of the business. It’s best to contact their support for relevant pricing plans.


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Perception Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Honest Feedback”

There''s no cognitive bias when getting feedback through perception. The sentiments and opinions generated are honest and clearly communicate underlying problems
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Actionable insights”

Perception provides business owners with new opportunities for growth and engagement by uncovering hidden insights. It acts fast by using AI and Natural Language processing by providing real-time actionable insights and adapts to changing environments.
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