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Sling allows the supervisors to allot shift and duties to employees across numerous work sites using a single shared schedule. It is a staff scheduling and communication software that allows retailers and restaurants supervisors to assign shifts for shift-working employees. Sling takes care of the fact that none of the employees' shifts extends and also reduces late arrivals and absenteeism. 

Sling Features 

  • Scheduling Software 
  • Offers a reliable, secured platform to track employee hours, manage a budget, reduce absenteeism, late arrivals and availability and shift trade requests
  • Notifies when shifts overlap, also, helps communicate with employees on the go

  • Share Pictures 
  • Share media like images, audios, and even videos via sling to communicate with your employees
  • Chat functionality and also help users to transfer files and data

  • Create Templates 
  • Create templates for future use
  • Load a template to recreate schedules when needed in just one click

  • Representative Scheduling
  • Let the employees choose the shifts for the next day, and can arrange the first- come first serve facility too
  • Notifies employees immediately about the changes a supervisor is making and also let an employee to request time off

  • Mobile Notification
  • Get notified about everything directly on your cell phone and can be operated from Android, iPhone/iPad, SaaS, Cloud  
  • Notify employees about their upcoming shifts, reducing the chance of late arrivals

  • Drag And Drop Interface

Simply drag and drop the notification bar and assign a shift to the employee

Sling Pricing 

Sling offers a free subscription with a free trial (no credit card business) and demands no Sling Pricing. You can manage an unlimited number of employees through its free version. Big firms can avail a custom version of the sling. Sling also offers a paid subscription which starts $1.75 per month/user. To know more about the latest Sling Pricing, one can visit on their official website and request a query.

Sling Demo

Sling Employee Scheduling offers a free subscription with a free demo. This demo provides:

  • An insight into the features of the software, which you can use to control your employee's data and which can help you to achieve your company goals with ease. 
  • Help you understand all the security aspects of the software. 


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Sling Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“High Customer Satisfaction”

With high customer satisfaction and an easy interface and practical way to handle employee shifts, payroll, budget, attendance and everything absolutely free, makes the sling employee scheduling a win-win for every executive.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 04, 2020

“Reliable and Secured Platform”

Sling offers a reliable, secured platform to track employee hours, manage a budget, reduce absenteeism, late arrivals and availability and shift trade requests.
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