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Soon USP

Soon offers a scheduling software that helps employers and managers administer their employees without any hassle. The software provides easy access to both managers and employees. With its a state-of-the-art progressive web app, the user is always working on the latest version of Soon avoiding any time-consuming updates and ensuring a smooth flow of work. It also helps employees to update their availability at the moment, access their schedule from anywhere, post comments or request shift covers easily ensuring effective communication with the management. Request Soon Pricing to get more information.


Soon is scheduling software that helps employers and managers administer their employees without any hassle. This software helps teams organize, monitor and improve work schedules. The management can easily track communication in the right place and enable the team to be more efficient, organized and productive with its real-time view of team availability and time-off tracking. 

The platform has been designed for both small businesses and global enterprises. With its state of the art web app, Soon has become the first choice for many leading companies across the world. 

Soon Features

→ Accessibility 

  • Provides a state-of-the-art progressive web app for all the workforce scheduling activities
  • Accessible from any device at any time across multiple locations with minimal downtime

→ Data visualization

  • Generate clearly visualized reports in one click with high readability
  • Cultivates an open feedback culture in the workplace and helps ease the tension between employees

→ Customization

  • Provides real-time metrics and generates customized reports highlighting your specific needs
  • Simplifies scheduling process with minimized repetitive work with templates and avoid human errors

→  Collaborative and responsive

  • Keeps all communication and requests in one place
  • User-friendly for both employees and managers 

Soon Pricing

Soon pricing plans are available only upon request. You can send an inquiry request and the support team reaches you back in no-time with the Soon pricing details. The pricing is tailor-made according to the needs of a specific customer.

Soon Demo

Soon provides a free demo to all the potential clients upon request. The support team also helps you work through functionalities.  Video resources can also be browsed on the web to get acquainted with Soon. 


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Soon Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“User-Friendly and Reliable”

Soon provides a well-organized schedule that is reliable and easy to ready. The application is extremely user-friendly. Its flexibility with making different boards creates a full overview of all areas concerning planning.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Modern Schedule Tool”

This platform has simplified the effort to make a solid and well-organized schedule. It displays the different shifts of the various departments clearly and maintains a flawless flow of work and communication between colleagues.
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