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Challenger encryption software is made in Germany that offers to encrypt data and directory level and is ideal for all kinds of security-aware users especially lawyers, patent development, development engineers and upper-level management to name a few. Challenger encryption has been developed to secure local data protection and communication in closed networks. The user-friendly interface and secure encryption algorithm is something that Challenger excels in.

Challenger Pricing 

When it comes to Challenger Pricing Encryption, there is a free version as well as a full version. The full version has a certain advantage over the freeware such as PAD Generator. To know more about the Challenger Pricing Encryption, personal details such as name, phone number, and location has to be given and the company will respond in 48 hours.

Challenger Encryption Demo

To check the compatibility of the software, the free version can be downloaded and checked and the user also has the option to choose a full version of Challenger encryption Software which has more features.


  • Deletes original data securely and conducts reference tests to detect program manipulation.
  • Secure usage of the program because of the “phrase concept”. 
Suitable for Windows
  • Functions on Windows operating system.
  • Works on all Windows operating system such as 32 bit and 64 bit.
Suit portable devices
  • Install on computers as well as mobile storage devices like SD card and USB stick.
  • Encrypt the data on the portable device.
Program library for turnkey solutions
  • Service to companies looking to develop existing programs and find own solutions.
  • Avoid system updates and runtime libraries.
Latest encryption technology
  • Encrypt through strong ciphering data and directories and in addition to passwords add another layer of security with a random number list.
  • Detect corrupt encryption methods 


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Challenger Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

Apr 27, 2020

“Advanced encryption techniques”

Challenger encryption provides strong encryption and helps detect faulty techniques. A reference test run by Challenger also detects program manipulation.
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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Adaptable and convenient”

Challenger runs on all Windows operating systems and encrypts even the data on portable devices like a USB stick. Hence, the data would be secure even if it gets lost.
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