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CipherCloud has flourished in the encryption software market by offering cloud encryption solutions which encrypt data in the on-premises and cloud environments. CipherCloud specializes in cloud security and caters to CASB platforms, which aid in delivering visibility, adaptive policy controls, and data protection. The company’s cloud security portfolio is based on technologies, such as multimode protection, active encryption, mobile data protection, encryption key management, tokenization, cloud DLP, activity monitoring, malware and threat detection, and shadow IT discovery.


The company provides robust inline protection through cloud gateways that support cloud data encryption and tokenization. CipherCloud uses AES 256-bit encryption, NIST-approved key management, and FIPS 140-2 certified validation. CipherCloud’s active encryption technology provides endto- end encryption of cloud data, enhanced control of keys, policy controls, format and function preserving technology, and high scalability with low latency. The company offers a cloud encryption platform for data-at-rest and data-intransit in the on-premises and cloud environments. The preserving cloud functionality is one of the unique features of its CASB platform which enables customers to use the search capability for encrypted data.

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CIPHERCLOUD Presence in Encryption Software
The major portion of CipherCloud’ revenue is generated from the CASB platform and services segment. CipherCloud offers scalable cloud security solutions to governments, SMEs, and large enterprises across the globe. The cloud security platform is integrated with cloud encryption, tokenization, DLP, active monitoring, and threat detection and remediation. The company has a global reach with offices set up in North America, Europe, and APAC. The customer base of the company majorly includes BFSI, healthcare, telecommunication, and government organizations. While the company does not have a regional office in the MEA and Latin America, CipherCloud is actively expanding in Latin America, Caribbean, Eastern Europe (including Russia, Turkey, and Israel), Australia, and New Zealand. By extending its reach in the MEA and Latin America, the company can accelerate its sales to the Latin American and MEA government, critical infrastructure sites, and enterprises. CipherCloud also focuses on inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships and collaborations. The company has recently formed strong partnerships with several players, including Juniper Networks, BlackBerry, and T-Systems, and has delivered enhanced integrated cloud-based encryption solutions. The company has a wide industry reach and caters products and services to several industry verticals, such as BFSI, healthcare, telecommunication, and government. Therefore, the company excels in the breadth of applications served criteria by providing systems, solutions, and services for various applications and industry verticals. The company is not very active in the mergers and acquisitions strategy. In 2015, CipherCloud acquired Anicut Systems to enhance its cloud security capabilities.CipherCloud has a large number of channel partners who offer the company’s products and services. The company has ties with distributors, channel partners, consultants, and system integrators. The strategy of focusing on R&D activities has helped the company offer new products in the encryption software market. Focus on product development and enhancements with high importance on R&D has resulted in the organic growth of the company. The company continuously enhances its cloud platform capabilities, such as encryption, tokenization, and DLP.


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