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Confide Messenger is an online messaging platform that provides a high level of privacy, security, self- destructing and screenshot- proof messages. Confide Messenger offers a platform to brainstorm ideas and discussions, give unfiltered opinions on various topics and have sensitive topic discussions without any fear of the internet’s permanent digital record.

Confide Messenger Pricing

The Confide Messenger Pricing can be categorized into the free version and the paid version. The free version is available as a direct download link on the official website. The Confide Messenger Pricing for the paid version is as follows:

  1. Plus- 4.99 dollars per user per month
  2. Pro- 15 dollars per user per month (one-month free trial)

Confide Messenger Demo

Confide Messenger provides a free version that can be downloaded through the official website. No personal details have to be given and Confide Messenger gives access to direct download links to the user device.

Confide Encryption Software Features

  • Operate with industry-standard end- to- end encryption.
  • Prevent any man-in-the-middle attack by automatic passing of messages through Transport Layer Security (TLS).


  • Read the message once and the messages will self- destruct.
  • Delete messages automatically from servers and avoid forwarding, printing or archiving the messages.
Screenshot- proof
  • Prevent taking screenshots with the patent-pending ScreenShield technology.
  • Display one line of a message at a time for extra privacy in Android and iOS and hinder the sender’s name from showing.
Send media and voice group messaging
  • Send text, video, voice messages and documents to individuals or groups.
  • Encrypt the media and voice messages being sent and also make it screenshot proof and ephemeral.
Confide Plus
  • Subscribe to Confide Plus for more services like incognito mode.
  • Send an unlimited number of attachments, retract messages, add nicknames and personalize themes.


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Confide Reviews


James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Secure and private”

With its Transport Layer Security (TLM) and self- destructing messages, communication in Confide Messenger is guaranteed to be encrypted and safe.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“User and media-friendly”

All forms of media can be sent through Confide Messenger and with high end-to-end encryption, the software is compatible to use on several different devices.
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