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Microsoft BitLocker provides business cloud services and solutions that efficiently encrypt data residing in the enterprise network. Microsoft BitLocker uses secure transfer protocols to safely move data between the data centers and endpoints. Microsoft BitLocker provides inbuilt encryption for data at- rest and data-in-transit and relies on the Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure for the authentication of users and endpoints. Microsoft BitLocker uses Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL), Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), AES, Microsoft Azure Storage Service Encryption, and Transparent Data Encryption. TLS/SSL is utilized by Microsoft BitLocker solutions for encrypting data-in-transit. IPsec ensures that confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data are maintained at the IP packet level. Microsoft provides AES-based encryption for files and folders stored in the Hyper-V virtual machine. Microsoft Azure Storage Service Encryption has various features for encrypting data stored in the Azure Blob storage. Microsoft also offers IaaS virtual machine disk encryption with the help of BitLocker for the Windows OS and DM-Crypt features for the Linux OS. The company is also focused on database encryption. Azure SQL database data is encrypted with the help of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Apart from disk and database encryption, Microsoft BitLocker is also focused on encryption key management for cloud and on-premises services. Request MICROSOFT CORPORATION Pricing to get more information.


Microsoft Corporation offers encryption support for its products and services, such as Azure, Commercial Support, Dynamics 365, Intune, Office 365, Power BI, Visual Studio Team Services, and Windows Server 2016. Microsoft is a leader in delivering AES-based data-in-transit and data-at-rest encryption for a wide range of solutions and services. Microsoft offers encryption for file, folder, database, cloud-based applications, and virtual machine data. The company's BitLocker Device Encryption has the potential of encrypting entire hard drives, that include both system and data drives. Microsoft BitLocker pre-provisioning can significantly minimize the time needed to provision new PCs with BitLocker enabled.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +12 Professional Services
  • +5 Consulting Service
  • +14 Support and Maintenance
  • +6 Training and education
  • +9 On-Site Support
  • +10 Remote Support
  • +9 AES
  • +10 IaaS
  • +7 Large Enterprises
  • +10 Cloud
  • +14 Directly
  • +9 On-Premise
  • +5 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • +12 Cloud Encryption
  • +10 Database and Application Encryption
  • +13 Data Encryption
  • +8 Disk Encryption
  • +9 File/Folder Encryption
  • +6 Key Management
  • +8 SMEs
  • -6 Application-level encryption
  • -7 Column-level encryption
  • -12 Data-at-rest encryption
  • -11 Data-in-motion encryption
  • -5 File level encryption
  • -14 Virtual machine instance encryption
  • -13 Managed Services
  • -10 Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • -9 Level of Support
  • -10 Patented inhouse algorithm
  • -9 PaaS
  • -8 SaaS
  • -11 Communication Encryption (Voice email, and message)
  • -14 Data Loss Prevention
  • -5 Tokenization
  • -7 Others
  • -8 Application-level tokenization
  • -13 Data-in- process/use encryption
  • -11 Others (RSA, Blowfish, DES)
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Top Features

  1. Solutions Offered / File/Folder Encryption
  2. Solutions Offered / Database and Application Encryption
  3. Solutions Offered / Cloud Encryption
  4. Support and Services / Data Encryption
  5. Support and Services / Key Management
  6. Deployment Model / IaaS
  7. Applications Catered / Data-in-motion encryption
  8. Applications Catered / Data-at-rest encryption
  9. Applications Catered / Virtual machine instance encryption
  10. Solutions Offered / Disk Encryption
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