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PKWARE Encryption Software

PKWARE Overview

PkWare offers the best-in-class encryption solutions for data-at-rest, data in motion, and data in use. The company provides encryption solutions for desktop, mobile, file servers, email, and applications. PkWare's Smartcrypt platform is a complete package of enterprise data protection. It is a perfect solution for organizations that are required to incorporate strong encryption into their products or systems. Smartcrypt Application Encryption provides a cross-platform security that can be easily embedded, insulating sensitive data from weaknesses in other systems that may handle the information. PkWare's Persistent Encryption restricts unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information no matter the file location.   


PkWare's Smartcrypt platform is supported by a Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager which provides enterprises with complete control over their critical data. Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager helps administrators in the enforcement and alignment of encryption policies and management of Smartcrypt agents. Some of the key features of Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager are enhanced encryption key management, simpler key distribution and exchange, enhanced policy management, and data security intelligence. Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager is a virtual appliance or hardware appliance which is integrated with hardware security module and a quantum random number generator. Also, PkWare applies Persistent Encryption directly to the data itself, rather than to a storage location or transmission system.

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  • Virtual machine instance encryption
  • Others (RSA, Blowfish, DES)
  • Application-level encryption
  • Column-level encryption
  • Data-at-rest encryption
  • Data-in-motion encryption
  • Data-in- process/use encryption
  • File level encryption
  • SMEs
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PKWARE Presence in Encryption Software
PKWARE generates revenue by selling Smartcrypt platform, SecureZIP, and PKZIP to customers belonging to the public and private sector. The company caters to a wide range of industry verticals which include BFSI, healthcare, government, retail, and manufacturing. The company has a global reach with offices set up in North America, Europe, APAC, and Latin America. The above mentioned factors have helped the company in achieving good ratings in the effectiveness of organic growth strategy and breadth of applications served parameters.PKWARE has an extensive partner ecosystem which includes channel partners and technological partners. The company is highly active in its inorganic growth strategy of partnerships, collaborations, and alliances. Some of the significant partners of the company are Kite Distribution, Digital Pathways, WaveStrong, Innovation Network Technologies, and QuintessenceLabs. The company is highly active in its organic growth strategy of new product launches and product enhancements. The company recently has enhanced its Smartcrypt Platform by adding new capability of data discovery which aids in identifying, protecting, and controlling sensitive data of enterprises. The company has not shown any interest in the mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Top PKWARE Features

#1 Solutions Offered / File/Folder Encryption
#2 Solutions Offered / Database and Application Encryption
#3 Solutions Offered / Communication Encryption (Voice email, and message)
#4 Solutions Offered / Cloud Encryption
#5 Support and Services / Data Encryption


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