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Anakage is a fully-featured IT-based software system that provides services to startups and agencies of all scales & sizes. The main role of the software system is to provide end-to-end solutions that are designed for and customised to web-based apps. The advanced online system by Anakage helps in providing a comprehensive self-service portal with advanced features – all under one roof.

Anakage Pricing:

Ascente is a Windows-oriented business service management solution. There is no free trial available with this product or a free version. You will be required to pay Ascente pricing as per the service and plan you choose for leveraging the benefits of this software and to check the features in a real-time presentation.

Anakage Demo:

There is the provision of a free online demo for an idea of the overall functioning of the software solution. The users can visit the official website and schedule their demo accordingly. Once the demo is complete, the user can choose the best Anakage pricing plan!

Software Features:

Some of the salient features of the app are as follows:

  •         Self-service cobots
      • Allows the users to solve complicated application & machine issues seamlessly
      • Reduces IT tickets at the respective source
      • Cobots serve as applications that extend the overall reach of automation while also involving humans
  •            Reduction of IT issues
      • Reduction of IT issues occurs on an automatic basis
      • Presence of healing and proactive cobots
      • Cobots are capable of automatically detecting issues while self-healing
      • Utilization of friendly reminders
  •         Customizable self-service capability
      • Presence of an intuitive self-service portal for the users
      • Deployment of cobots and other advanced levels of self-service documents & videos
      • Saving time and the resolution of issues by the users
  •           Proactive Action
      • Allows the users to take proactive action upon encountering any issue
      • Involvement of tasks like running a VBScript or cleaning


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Anakage Reviews


James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Great software with interactive features”

The presence of high-end features made the overall session quite interactive. Impressed with the list of advanced features the app has to offer
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 11, 2020

“Great self-help”

The software offers attractive self-help services. As such, there is no need to reach out to professional IT teams and wait for any help.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 11, 2020

“Innovative cobots”

The presence of cobots makes the overall session highly automated and interactive. They also enable users to ensure self-services.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 11, 2020

“Good response time”

Impressed by the instant response time offered by the software. All major enterprise-related issues were resolved within minutes
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