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Infor CloudSuite EAM
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Infor CloudSuite EAM USP

Infor continuously updates its products and solutions to remain competitive in the market. For instance, the updated Infor EAM solution introduced new enhancements, which included nonconformity tracking, Open Computer-Aided Design (CAD), equipment ranking, and User Interface (UI). These enhancements increased the robustness and efficiency of Infor’s asset monitoring and management solutions. Request Infor CloudSuite EAM Pricing to get more information.


It is one of the best asset management software that can help in digitize and optimize maintenance operation to reach new levels of efficiency. The solution is designed in industry-specific editions to address unique challenges. Infor EAM solutions, includes Infor EAM Enterprise, Infor EAM Energy Performance Management, and Infor MP2. These products can be customized and configured according to the client’s asset management setup. The company also integrates predictive maintenance with Infor EAM solutions to ensure regulatory compliance.

The Pricing:

Infor CloudSuite Pricing is based on the plans offered by the company. Infor comes with SMB and enterprise pricing. A free trial is not included in Infor CloudSuite. It provides a quote based plan.  Infor CloudSuite’s enterprise asset management system pooled with high-value extension application is offered through cloud. CloudSuite can also be integrated with other applications along with infor with easy to use the framework.


  • It Is reliable software and improves the performance of assets.
  • The software has ability to forecast system performance and its failures and enables it to take preventive actions.
  • It abides environmental regulations and laws.
  • It also streamlines purchasing and procurement process.
  • It increases efficiency and optimizes maintenance operations.
  • This software also has ability to connect with other devices or applications.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +9 Directly
  • +9 Fleet
  • +5 Hosted / On-Cloud
  • +7 Large Enterprises
  • +9 Cloud
  • +10 Equipment
  • +11 Laptop
  • +5 Railway
  • +14 Road
  • +5 Solution/Platform Integration
  • +14 On-Premise
  • +8 Field Service Management
  • +6 Medium level Business
  • +11 Training
  • +7 Subscription / Licensing
  • +11 Building
  • +7 Electricity transmission line
  • +10 Mobile
  • +14 Sensor integration
  • +5 On-Site Support
  • -8 Per User Basis
  • -13 licenses
  • -7 End User Organization Size
  • -6 End Users
  • -10 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • -5 Level of Support
  • -12 Deployment and Integration
  • -6 Other Integrations
  • -6 Full Time Equivalent
  • -13 Hardware integration
  • -14 Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
  • -8 Other Modes
  • -13 Other Platforms
  • -12 Pad
  • -12 Specify Others
  • -10 Other Support Services
  • -13 Proof of Concept
  • -13 Other Industirs
  • -11 Transportation
  • -11 Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
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Infor CloudSuite EAM presence in Enterprise Asset Management Software

Infor has a vast solutions portfolio for the EAM market, making it a leading provider of EAM solutions. The company has adopted a mix of organic and inorganic strategies to expand its market presence. In April 2015, Infor collaborated with ABeam Consulting to deploy its products in Japan and increase its market share in the country. The company also invests significantly in R&D facilities to enhance its product portfolio, especially in the EAM market. It launched Infor EAM 11.1, the latest version of its EAM solution, to help customers track their assets via cloud deployments. To strengthen its product portfolio, Infor launched IPS 8.4, offering features such as asset valuation tracking, innovative UI, accurate GIS functionality, and expanded mobility.

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