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R2 Docuo
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R2 Docuo USP

The software is a cloud-based document management software crafted for enterprises and business that offers secure and easy-to-use Document Management System and unique Workflow solution chosen by major companies across the globe. It enhances productivity by helping to acquire true control over creation, storage and sharing of documents that in turn Speed up your tasks with office process automation, and collaborate with software that irons out the workflow, does the repetitive jobs and shows you where you are at a glance. Request R2 Docuo Pricing to get more information.



The solution enables users to generate proposals automatically using templates. With its tools, users can internally review, revise, and approve workloads. It enables users to share work securely with clients by adding secure electronic signatures. Users can also initiate sales order processing and respond to change requests. It enables user to leverage web forms or API links to generate cases. Users can also automate actions and execute workflow steps in order to resolve tickets. It enables users to identify user issues, bugs, and escalate them to development and testing personnel.

Further, the solution helps standardize business process workflows and normalize process steps by designing and locking in custom workflows that fit with the most efficient ways to work. It saves the time that is otherwise wasted doing low-value, repetitive manual tasks by automating repetitive, time-consuming business process procedures such as document generation and email using templates. It gives users the confidence of GDPR compliance when they share documents—users can share documents securely from their company-branded web portal with an aim to drive collaboration with their team, clients, and other stakeholders.

For users who are unsure of document organization & distribution, the solution helps catgorize documents, perform deep searches using metadata, and know instantly who’s been sent which version of what as well as when. To improve productivity without hiring more people, the solution helps get time back and enables employees to focus on activities that generate greater value and get more done. All this without having to change the way the company works—the solution is easy to use, quickly learnable, swift, and comes without the need to change the way things get done.
Customized Workflow: With the software it is possible to drag and drop circles and arrows to setup workflows as required.

Control Over Business Information: The software helps in document generation, metadata editing and tools categorization.

GDPR Compliant Cloud Storage: It offers 100% secure protocols for all files and data transfers. Along with that user is able to work with the documents directly in the cloud.

The Pricing:

R2 Sistemas provides its ECM solution in the form of R2 Docuo. The pricing is as highlighted below:

  • The Pricing for Professional Edition
    • 1 user account
    • 100 GB shared storage
    • € 25 per month
    • Extra user accounts: € 6 per month per extra user—up to 50 users


  • The Pricing for Business Edition
    • 1 user account
    • 100 GB shared storage
    • € 38 per month
    • Extra user accounts: € 9 per month per extra user—up to 500 users


  • The Pricing for Enterprise Edition
    • 1 user account
    • 100 GB shared storage
    • € 51 per month
    • Extra user accounts: € 12 per month per extra user

R2 Docuo Demo:

A 30-day free trial is available for the software and can be requested by registering on the company’s website.

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R2 Docuo
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64 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for R2 Docuo
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