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SAVO in Enterprise Content Management Software

SAVO Overview


  • It provides the facility of Auditing: This ECM software uses a single template to allow auditing every visit based on diverse criteria.
  • The specific configuration of workflow: It provides reconfigurability on the workflow of the organization.
  • It scans the documents: SAVO ECM software scans the images and other documents to keep the records of the functions of the organization available.


It is renowned for satisfying the requirements of content management of large firms that have more than a hundred employees. It joins the functionality of managing enterprise content with BPM. It provides security to the organizations to store the contents. SAVO provides the facilities of boundless servers and auditing to the consumers. This ECM software lets users transfer the mails from Microsoft outlook to SAVO software.

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Top SAVO Features

#1 Product Features and Functionality / Number of Platforms
#2 Type of ECM offered / Case Management
#3 Number of Customers Catered / Medium level Business
#4 Type of ECM offered / Records Management
#5 Predictive Maintenance Services / Cloud Services


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