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SER-GROUP in Enterprise Content Management Software

SER-GROUP Overview


  • Edits Images: This tool modifies the pictures and develops the picture quality.
  • Edits Texts: It provides various fonts, sizes, auto-correction, and auto-capitalization of the first letter of each sentence.
  • Easy to share: It offers various options to post the content and send it to others.


SER group is a tool to manage enterprise content that is nowadays appreciated worldwide. It joins two significant components, such as BPM and ECM together and brings these two on an integrated platform. SOA operates it. It helps to assemble all the creative ideas and essential information in a single platform. The people who want to customize their contents and connect with other individuals of the same track choose SER group.

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Top SER-GROUP Features

#1 Product Features and Functionality / Number of Platforms
#2 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings / Product Offerings
#3 Type of ECM offered / Case Management
#4 Type of ECM offered / Web Content Management
#5 Type of ECM offered / Records Management


SER-GROUP has chosen it’s strengths in these 3 territories
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    All-Middle East and Africa

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  • Niche Quadrant