Infolmage Overview

Unisys Infolmage the following features - 
  • Huge Quantity of Productivity: It can assist innumerable users at the same time. It manages a huge quantity of content and transactions on the same day.  
  • Provides Several Services at the Same Time: InfoImage confines, supervises, recovers and allocates a huge quantity of contents at the same time.
  • Provides a long time Safe Storage Guarantee: Unisys Enterprise Output Manager has high efficiency in storing content for a long time

Infolmage Pricing:

InfoImage is a high-volume and highly scalable Enterprise Content Management, Workflow, and Records Management system. Unisys InfoImage pricing is as follows:

  • Unisys InfoImage Pricing for E-Mail Connector
    • 201+ users
    • $20,000.00 USD
    • Integration with email is supported, allowing content to be sent to a mailbox, where it will then be treated like any other content source.
  • Unisys InfoImage Pricing for Web Services
    • 101-1000 users
    • $15,000.00 USD
    • InfoImage Web Services allows 3rd party integration to be seamless and cost-effective, allowing the front end application to provide the business interface, leaving the details of storage and management of the content to InfoImage.
  • Unisys InfoImage Pricing for Mobile Work Manager Client
    • 51-200 users
    • $10,000.00 USD
    • Mobile Work Manager provides real-time access to InfoImage documents, workflow, and operational processes from anywhere helping enhance end user productivity and customer service.
    • Enterprise design and performance
    • Flexible input methods
    • Workflow Designer graphically designs, automates and enhances document-centric workflow processes
    • A variety of storage management interfaces
    • InfoImage Connector for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • Unisys InfoImage Pricing for Web Services
    • 1-100 users
    • $10,000.00 USD
    • The Unisys InfoImage solution captures, manages, stores, and delivers all content required to handle cases, inquiries, and processes, whether data is structured, semi-structured or unstructured – all via a single, integrated user interface.

Unisys InfoImage Demo:

More information on Unisys InfoImage demo can be gained by contacting the company through its website.


Infolmage USP

It is highly appreciated software by UNISYS CORPORATION that is used worldwide to manage enterprise content. Unisys Enterprise Output Manager keeps track of the functions of management and workflow. It is used to maintain essential documents made of paper and e-files. It provides sufficient information to the organization to create better quality content and stores the materials safely for a prolonged period.

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