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Company Overview
Central Management: DataLocker EKMS solution adopts a secure approach for protecting critical data. Moreover, the DataLocker attempts to provide granular control over data through a single console.
Fast Deployment: The DataLocker cloud-based and hardened security solutions are apt for efficient management. Data stored on thousands of hardware devices can be simultaneously protected and supported with flexibility.
No Compromise on Security: DataLocker EKMS allows administrators to immediately deactivate lost devices so that the breach of data can be prevented promptly. Moreover, every bit of data can be rendered unusable either by destroying or erasing it.

DataLocker is an innovative technology organization specializing in providing enterprise security solutions. For providing organizations comprehensive security for data, DataLocker uses military-grade 256-bit encryption method. The organization offers both hardware as well as software-based encryption storage. The DataLocker Enterprise Key Management software are tested and verified to meet high-security compliance standards. Moreover, the DataLocker EKMS solutions enable easy management and deployment of devices on an enterprise network.

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Senior Consultant - Marketing,Company Name Classified
Senior Consultant - Marketing, Company Name Classified

“Greater control over the enterprise network"

Remote access and secure network of this software are have helped us a lot to achieve greater efficiency.
Senior Consultant - Marketing,Company Name Classified
Senior Consultant - Marketing, Company Name Classified

“Eventually helped to secure our data privacy"

Thanks to DataLocker’s advanced security systems and protocols that have successively helped me to mitigate the risk of data being lost.
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