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Google Cloud Key Management Service


Google offers solutions for data encryption and cloud security. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of cloud service providers and enterprises to secure their enterprise and cloud assets. Its cloud base licensing and entitlement​solution help technology companies to control full potential of the cloud environment. Google offers cloud Key management service in encryption key manager space. Google Cloud Key Management Service helps to secure sensitive data in a cloud platform. This service is integrated with IAM and cloud audit logging to manage the administration of the access of encryption key. Google Cloud Key Management Service helps to implement best security practices over the cloud. It is available to its customers on a price per use model, under which the company offers key versions at a flat rate and charges standard usage rate for key operation.


Google has a large volume of keys to maintain the security of data, hence these DEK are encrypted using the Key Encryption Key (KEK). For every cloud platform, there exist one or more KEK. This KEKs need high security to keep it safe from the attack of any kind of security breaches, hence for the purpose, it is stored in the Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS), a repository offering secured management of keys throughout the key lifecycle.

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