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Holding more than 35 years of legacy in creating innovative technology solutions, Quantum Corporation stands as an undisputed leader in the industry. Quantum Corporation’s Enterprise Key Management technology allows the organization to protect and preserve sensitive information for decades. With Quantum Corporation, organizations can efficiently and securely manage their encrypted data. Also, the storage of cryptographic keys and policies can be carried out effectively throughout the enterprise and critical management lifecycles.

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Enterprise Key Management Software from Quantum offers the following advantages:
  • Advanced Security Capabilities: Quantum’s enterprise key management software is based on hardened appliances that are capable of enforcing high security even in the most sensitive environments.
  • Streamlined Administration: The Quantum’s EKMS centralized architecture allows the management of multiple servers from a single operator console. The policies and keys can be efficiently managed centrally by administrators with more speed and ease.
  • Simplicity and Reduced Cost: With Quantum Corporation’s key management technology, a wide array of encryption environments can be handled through centralized key-management. Therefore, reducing the need for multiple vendor sourcing while enforcing simplicity and cost efficiency up to a greater extent.

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Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +6 Professional Services
  • +11 Large Enterprises
  • +10 SMEs
  • +8 Directly
  • +7 Hosted
  • +6 On-Premise
  • +9 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • +6 On-Site Support
  • +7 Remote Support
  • +12 Delivery
  • +14 Support and Services
  • +7 BFSI
  • +13 Energy And Utilities
  • +10 Government
  • +8 Healthcare
  • +14 Manufacturing
  • +5 Others
  • +9 Customer Support
  • +13 Product Demos
  • +10 Sales support
  • -10 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -12 Products Offered
  • -9 End Users/Workstations
  • -7 Managed Services
  • -14 Level of Support Services
  • -9 Laptop
  • -8 Mobile
  • -10 Pad
  • -6 Other devices supported by the solution
  • -6 Cloud Encryption
  • -5 Communication Encryption
  • -14 Database Encryption
  • -12 Disk Encryption
  • -13 File/Folder Enryption
  • -12 Aerospace & Defence
  • -11 IT & Telecom
  • -9 Retail
  • -5 Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
  • -14 Others, please specify
  • -14 Proof of Concept
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QUANTUM CORPORATION presence in Enterprise Key Management Software

The company has empowered its clients with its expertise in data protection, in order to help them grow their businesses. The company emphasizes on expanding its global footprint through distributors, value-added resellers, and direct marketing resellers. Through such distribution channels, the company is offering its 24-hour multi-language support services to more than 100 countries in the North America, Europe, and APAC. Moreover, it also relies on inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships and acquisitions, to expand its worldwide presence.



Buyer, Education, SME

Feb 03, 2020

“Their technology is laudable”

Quantum introduced significant ease in generating, rotating, storing, distributing, and revoking cryptographic keys.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Feb 03, 2020

“Business has been more profitable than before”

Quantum ensured enhanced operational agility and reduced costs, while strictly adhering to security policies.
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