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Spruce Pricing & Demo

Spruce Overview

It is a CRM and analytics solution for small scale businesses revolving around a document management application. Based on Microsoft Windows, it integrates information from Point-of-Sale(PoS) to an interspersed ledger. Connecting the dots, It offers sales intelligence to businesses and helps managers make investment decisions with tangible results. This is among the notable CRM offerings providing end-to-end data on business transactions.

Spruce Pricing:

Spruce does not maintain a universal price model. To request Spruce Pricing, one needs to state the particular use case along with detailed requirements. Spruce offers a variety of individual product segments to choose from, and Spruce Pricing incorporates each on an a-la-carte basis.

Spruce ERP Systems Demo:

Customers can request an interactive demo session to understand the ins and outs of the platform. Spruce ERP systems offers customized demos tailored to individual needs and requests. Demos are available through contacting the sales team through their official website.

Spruce ERP Systems Features:

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Export concise sales reports to Excel or PDF formats within seconds
  • Access reports from anywhere with the help of the internet
  • Spruce AnyWare
  • Enhances mobility with AnyWare, and employees can seamlessly obtain proof-of-delivery signatures, conduct inventory, and more
  • Reduces clutter with a single solution applicable across multiple departments
  • Graphical Dashboards
  • Streamline communications between managerial and sales force
  • Stay up to date with the latest key metrics and keep track of productivity
  • Purchasing Intelligence
  • Get insights into profitability and make better purchasing decisions
  • View in-depth reports on each department's purchasing power and profitability
  • Profitability Insights
  • Help customers make informed choices with Spruce's cross-referencing abilities and substitute product suggestions

Spruce USP

Spruce is among the few solutions that keep track of all the end-to-end transactions and incorporate them into a single comprehensive ledger. The solutions focus on delivering a seamless experience for the managers and sales force through advanced communication channels. Furthermore, Spruce ERP systems appeals to customers through its easy-to-use and interactive platform, which is fueled by the latest technological advancements.

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Spruce Reviews

Project Manager,Company Name Classified
Project Manager, Company Name Classified
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“Variety of Business Tools"

Spruce CRM offers each and every tool that businesses can gain maximum benefit from. It is especially useful as the driving sales force factor for small and medium enterprises.
Global Head - Service and Product Development,Company Name Classified
Global Head - Service and Product Development, Company Name Classified
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“User-Friendly CRM"

The easy-to-use graphical interface makes analyzing and reporting a breeze. Spruce is recommended for those who are just adopting a new CRM solution and seeking for free on-hand demo opportunities.

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