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ERPNext Pricing & Demo

ERPNext Overview

Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd developed ERPNext ERP software system, which is a free and open-source, built on the MariaD8 database system with the help of a Python-based server-side substructure. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning desegregates) software desegregated ERPNext ERP software system. It is written in Python and JavaScript modules like CRM, accounting, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, warehouse, inventory, services, project management.

ERPNext Pricing

As per the requirements of a typical business enterprise, ERPNext Pricing starts Rs. 800 per person, to Rs. 2000 per person and per month. ERPNext pricing sums up the following ranges-
Standard- Rs. 800 /user /month.
Pro- Rs. 2000 /user /month

ERPNext CRM Demo

Free demos are available for ERPNext ERP systems for all concerned customers. Contact the sales team for any further requirements and adieus. The demos come with great convenience and expert guidance, making the most out of it.

Features of ERPNext CRM

  • Manages and maintains the multifaceted bill of material constructively
  • Looks after the planning process of production, inventory, and job cards compellingly
Assistance Center
  • Uses an integrated knowledge base to satisfy fellow clients
  • Delivers a superior service venture using an intuitive problem tracker, thereby making the process smoother
  • Get a co-existent perspective of your cash flows using ERPNext CRM Solutions
  • Witness a full-fledged accounting element that covers every facet of bookkeeping
Administration of possessions
  • Maintains and oversees distinct parts of assets, giving an insight into the business
  • Keeps an eye on the depreciation, movement, and value adjustment of assets
A Website
  • Tackles the strength of ERPNext CRM solutions that comes with a wholly featured content management application
  • Avail the benefits of web pages, forums, and blogs that arrive with ERPNext CRM


ERPNext is available in both Software and as a service. It offers a submerged reporting system along with a workplace suite integration. It also comprises Report customization. A generic software used by distributors, manufacturers, distributors, and companies providing services. QAD and NetSuite are different from ERPNext CRM. But ERP is similar to Tryton, Odoo, and Openbravo.

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ERPNext Reviews

Chief Project Manager,Company Name Classified
Chief Project Manager, Company Name Classified

“Ease of Use"

Large scale accounting systems are managed with ease using ERPNext CRM. It accommodates the ability to maintain the rapid delivery of information. The pricing model is also quite convenient.
Chief Manager - Marketing,Company Name Classified
Chief Manager - Marketing, Company Name Classified
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“A Great Deal"

Projects are managed effectively on ERPNext, and the available features are better than many out there. It results in reduced inessential costs in the long run.

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