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Marg ERP
$51MN to $100MN
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This trade specialized software will boost up the workflow of any organization along with customization. This software provides customization when it comes to invoice and billing hence, one can avail the offers easily. The collaboration with the suppliers is another good thing provided by this software. Have the ultimate control over the business with uttermost flexibility as well as innovation. Request Marg ERP Pricing to get more information.


In case of searching for the best software for GST filing and billing, Marg ERP Systems is the top-rated one. This GST ready software provides all kinds of ERP components along with their automation. It provides full control over various functions such as distribution, sale, inventory management, accounting, single entry system, procurement management and many others. 

Marg ERP Pricing

Keeping the excessive demand in  mind, they have made the Marg ERP Pricing list quite attractive as there are three different plans available to choose from. Check the Marg ERP pricing list below.

  • Basic: INR 8,100 for a year. 
  • Silver: INR 12,600 for a year.
  • Gold: INR 25,200 for a year. 

Marg ERP Systems Demo

The demo of this software might or might not be available. The probability is on the higher side though, requesting a call to the sales team of the software can make a good solution. They might have some guidelines that need to be followed for a free version or trial version.


Web Reports
  • Offers comprehensive as well as standardized reports for the business. 
  • Helps to generate collective and individual reports along with MIS reports. 
  • Prepares reports like stocks, purchases, and outstanding bills are also generated by this software. 
Data Transfer
  • Enables all the users to share their financial details. 
  • Helps the organization to maintain and create their master data. 
  • Offers scheme launch, scheme-wise pricing, taxation policies, and other pricing policies.
Billing And Invoice
  • Keeps track of the sale amount and the number of invoices is made. 
  • Performs all kinds of tasks related to billing and invoicing. 
  • Maintains the margins along with sale reports. 
Variety Of Branch Control
  • Helps to make performance reports branch wise. 
  • Helps to keep track of all operations.
  • Operating from the various places is not even an option while using this software. 


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Marg ERP
63 Buyers Negotiating
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Marg ERP Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 23, 2020

“Make The Invoicing Experience Better”

It incorporates a variety of modules. There are other features too and they include financial accounts, challan and counter sales, etc.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 23, 2020

“Web Reports Seem A Lot Easier”

The retail modules include reporting, management, integrations with different ecommerce platforms, barcode scanners, touch POS, daily sales, attendance, and others. Affordable pricing options
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