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One of the most incredible things is that anyone can turn this software into an eCommerce business. The ability to create and sell your own tests is amazing. Students and other institutes are always looking to get extra study material and assessment sources. This makes NAJM an excellent medium to start earning. Request NAJM Pricing to get more information.


NAJM allows the users to look after the whole life cycle of an online exam, from creation to checking and reporting. This software is embedded with an intuitive dashboard and easy navigability within Software as a Service. The testing components are smart and agile, they can handle large amounts of tests easily and present accurate results. 

NAJM Features

Some of the best aspects of this software are NAJM Pricing and its proficiency in management activities. 

  • Record Keeping
    • You can use the previous tests conducted via this software again at any point. 

    • These questions are stored with security and cannot be accessed without authorization.

  • Advanced Reporting
    • With its advanced reporting, you can analyze individual student tests and provide recommendations.

    • It helps create a personalized learning path for the students to score better.

  • Build and Create
    • There is virtually no limitation in the creation of your own tests as per your requirements. 

    • The software is easier to learn and operate. Even the first-timers can use it efficiently. 

  • Easy to Monetize
    • Turn your question bank and test making process into an eCommerce opportunity.

    • You can sell your pre-made tests and question banks online through the software. 

NAJM Pricing

The NAJM Pricing structure is not mentioned on their website. Hence, you will have to contact them directly via email and discuss it with the team. Moreover, the pricing structure for this sort of software is set on a usage basis. There may be packages or a one time fee to have access to everything. 


It is possible to get a demo of this software. However, for that, you must visit the website and fill in the request form. You need to share your name, email ID, and a couple of other details to become eligible for a free demo. The time period of the demo also varies and will be told by the NAJM team.  


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NAJM Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 06, 2020

“Trial helped me gain insights.”

It was good that we were given a free trial before we could go all the way in. Although the NAJM Pricing is not too heavy, taking a trial helped us gain clarity.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 06, 2020

“Learned it in a Jiffy.”

It is super easy to operate and learn. I really like it.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are major features of NAJM?

The major features of this software are Record Keeping, Advanced Reporting, and it is Easy to Monetize.

What are pricing plans for NAJM?

These details will be updated soon.

Does NAJM offer free demo?

The software comes with a demo version to test multiple functionalities. This version can be accessed by signing up on the vendor website.

Who usually implement NAJM?

NAJM is usually implemented by Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail, IT & Telecom industries.

What is main USP of NAJM?

The main USP of this software is the ability to create and sell your own tests and the ability to look after the whole life cycle of an online exam.

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