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Merittrac USP

Merittrac exam software is well designed and is an innovative solution that serves all the purposes of administering and evaluating online assessments. It is best used for hiring and shortlisting talent for an organization and conducting online tests. Merittrac can also be accessed from any location and device. Request Merittrac Pricing to get more information.


Merittrac exam software is an efficient full-scale learning and testing platform that can be used in any organization. Corporate houses can use Merittrac for workforce development and hiring. Institutions can use it for testing and evaluation. All in all, it has end to end assessment and testing functionalities that are smart and innovative. Merittrac’s pricing is also very dynamic.

Merittrac Pricing:

Merittrac pricing information is not mentioned on the website. As they have a varied portfolio of services and solutions, Merittrac’s pricing is decided on the basis of the tools that you need and require. User needs to request a quote to the support team via the website form or through email.

Merittrac Exam Software Demo:

Just like the final Merittrac pricing quote, the demo version can only be accessed after sending in a request. The demo version will only let you take a test run at the software. It does not have the full host of features that are offered in the main software.

Merittrac Exam Software Features:

Merittrac exam software has helped several organizations conduct hiring processes, and institutes conduct tests on the basis of these features:

  • Administration and Checking
    • You can trust Merittrac to help you with the effective administration of the tests and address the issues. 
    • Makes it easier to analyze the question sheets before giving it to the students to ensure efficiency in the process. 
  • Validation and Conducting
    • Uses the smart and secure inbuilt system to authenticate the student’s identity before taking an exam.
    • Ensures easy monitoring of the tests that are being taken by the users. 
  • Evaluation and Marking
    • You can now set an automatic evaluation of the tests taken by the students. 
    • This helps reduce biases and errors in the evaluation process, which, in turn, makes it faster and better. 
  • Invigilation and Proctoring
    • You can easily proctor the tests while the students are taking them. 
    • The whole platform is cloud-based and can be run on mobile devices too. 


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Merittrac Reviews


James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Best for Corporate Hiring”

Before the implementation of this software, hiring was a bit cluttered, but Merittrac has helped us streamline the whole process.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 06, 2020

“Smart Evaluation system”

After the tests are complete and evaluated, we get student-specific recommendations based on their cognitive assessment. These suggestions are helpful to our students and faculty members.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are major features of Merittrac?

The major features of this software are Administration and Checking, Validation and Conducting, Evaluation and Marking, and Invigilation and Proctoring.

What are pricing plans for Merittrac?

These details will be updated soon.

Does Merittrac offer free demo?

The software comes with a demo version to test multiple functionalities. This version can be accessed by signing up on the vendor website.

Who usually implement Merittrac?

This software is usually implemented by educational institutions, universities, education boards and government bodies.

What is main USP of Merittrac?

The main USP of Merittrac is that it serves all the purposes of administering and evaluating online assessments.

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