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Disamina USP

One of the best things about Disamina is the highly efficient reporting and monitoring sequences. Not many online exam software offer online proctoring. With this software you also need not worry about the Disamina Pricing and still benefit from smart features like detailed exam analysis and concurrent testing. Request Disamina Pricing to get more information.


Disamina takes the worry out of the quotient of conducting, checking, and monitoring online exams. This software has it all. You can create tests as per your own guidelines. Distribute them to the students via concrete authorization, safe keep the records, check and analyze the tests. Lastly, you can also use it for online proctoring. 

Disamina Features

This software has some very advanced features when it comes to online exams and testing. 

  • Customizable Dashboard
    • You can change the dashboard settings as per the role of the person. Invigilator, Manager, Date entry, and so on.

    • Even with this diversity, the dashboard is super easy to learn and operate. 

  • Effective Security
    • Conduct secure tests with state of the art security enhancements.

    • Along with ensuring security, online proctoring disallows using unfair practices while giving the tests.

  • Video and Image Capture
    • While the students are giving the tests, you can either opt for video recording or taking snapshots. 

    • This allows keeping a check on the students and ensuring that the right person is giving the exam.

  • Advanced Testing
    • With Disamina, you can also hold multiple tests simultaneously. 

    • Send emails and notifications to the students via the software

Disamina Pricing

Disamina Pricing structure is divided between two parts. A Basic Plan (which is also provided for free during Covid19) and the Pro Plan. To point out one difference among them, with the basic plan, you can only conduct 100 exams per month. With the Pro plan, there is no limit to it. 

Disamina Demo

You can also take a demo run of the software. But in the current period, you can just subscribe to the Basic version, which is free. You will get the correct estimate of the software and its proficiency. 


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Disamina Reviews


James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Proctoring at its best”

Earlier, we used to pay a lot for proctoring measures. But with online proctoring bundled in the Disamina Pricing structure, we had it easy and saved a lot of money.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 06, 2020

“Great Software with best Support”

I really like the support system that comes with the software. My team has struggled a bit in the beginning and was not able to navigate, but the support team was a great help and patient.
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