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Handyman USP

The main USP of Handyman is its automated platform for tracking and analyzing the events and activities of the field workers. It helps in building all the essential availability through which the organization can automate its functionalities. The software is fully customized and is present in a protected version which provides security and privacy. 

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Handyman Business Management is a software that helps in organizing the business, receiving payments, and automating the events in a more efficient form so as to maintain the business’s service. Its automated platform helps in managing timekeeping and provides the GPS Tracking of all the members of the team working in the field.

Handyman Pricing:

Handyman pricing depends upon the type of need and number of people using the software at a time. It is available for all types of businesses and the pricing plans differ from case to case according to the requirements of the organization. Handyman pricing gets bundled with all the features for maintaining the growth of the business organization. For knowing the price, the user can log in to the official website. Its plan starts from $500 per user, which is quite feasible.

Handyman Demo:

Handyman demos are available free for all users. Any user can use the demo without registering with Handyman and start using the software. Moreover, it comes with some limitations for which Handyman pricing needs to be explored.

Handyman Features:

Here are some of the most valuable features of Handyman that make it an ideal field service management platform:

  • Manage Operations
    • It helps in managing the daily operations by keeping one connected with all the workers on the field and solves their problems by updating every event instantly
    • It allows to track and analyze all the activities for streamlining the flow of work
  • Service History Tracking
    • It allows updating each and every service instantly by analyzing them deeply and helps to increase the customer support services
    • It helps in tracking and monitoring every event for better communication


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Handyman Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 07, 2020

“Easy buying additional modules”

After setup and using the platform, adding other modules which are different from the once that are installed previously can be easily integrated into the platform. This makes up-gradation very easy
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Simple setup”

The platform can be used easily and the integration can be done within a flash. It takes no time in learning and managing how to use the tools which are in-built.
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