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Squarerigger focuses on providing commercial management of vehicles with several products. SQ.7 primarily offers fuel management, the part suite management, maintenance alerts and reports that enhance scalability, efficiency, and flexibility of customer assets. It helps in saving time, cost and boosts the performance of assets by maintaining its quality. Request SQ.7 Pricing to get more information.


SQ.7 is the leading product of Squarerigger who is passionate about serving fleet management mobile and in-shop applications for small scale and large-scale professional customers. A complete fleet management tool that handles work orders, live tracking of vehicles, prevents unwanted maintenance costs and generates periodic reports for customers.

SQ.7 Features

SQ.7 has a range of customer base from road truckers to utility companies and universities all over the world. The perfect automobile management system has the following features:

  • Work Order System

o   Handle all service-related solutions from how much time it will take to complete service to whom the service assigned

o   A detail of reusable parts and replacement of equipment status maintained

  • Preventive Maintenance

o   Provide a customizable module that helps in sending email notifications, helpful to find elements, service time and date

o   Periodic report generation helps to estimate the expenditure of vehicles

  • Fuel System

o   Provide a card lock system and tied-up with recognized fuel stations, import data from the card itself and uploaded to the system dashboard

o   Generate a report for the same and notify the fuel consumption and expenses to save unwanted cost

  • Parts Suite

o   Manages from buying to replacement and billing through barcodes

o   Generate reports based on barcode system for every part and provide useful information

SQ.7 Pricing

SQ.7 doesn’t offer a free package trial to customers. Initial packages of SQ.7 start from $10k as a one-time payment. They activated online support, webinar, document support and person to person training in this package. SQ.7 pricing package offers the best deal at an affordable price in the United States.


SQ.7 does not offer a free hand-to-hand experience, they offer a webinar or one-time experience of the application. SQ.7 pricing packages include both mobile as well as a web-based application. Explore the pricing package for more details and clarifications.


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SQ.7 Reviews


James Smith

May 11, 2020

“The best customer support”

SQ.7 has the best customer support and is accessible on mobile as well as desktop. SQ.7 pricing package is strongly recommended for a software product for inventory management, scheduling and repair tracking
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Transportation and Logistics

May 11, 2020

“Satisfy the majority of requirements”

Able to track work order well with a user-friendly experience. A single solution for inventory management, fuel, and work orders
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