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  • 2004
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CARTRACK in Fleet Management Software


Some of the features of Cartrack's services include -

  • Anytime Anywhere Access: Cartrack helps to track the vehicles that are accessible through smartphones or the internet. This can be done from anywhere and anytime, no matter where you are.
  • Managing Geofencing: Cartrack helps in creating geo-zones around a landmark. It sends alerts when a vehicle enters or exits the particular geo zone. This helps to avoid theft and illegal usage of vehicles. 
  • Live Alerts: Cartrack helps in sending real-time alerts for speeding, start time alert, route deviation, and excessive stops. Several alerts can be configured depending on the need of the user.


Cartrack is a leading technology that is widely accepted by automobile manufacturers and insurance. The technology provides analytic solutions for mobile management and workforce enhancement. Its primary focus being the fleet management and telematics, it also focuses on technology development for better customer service. Cartrack could be used for both fleet and personal vehicle optimization, no matter how large or small it is your business. Cartrack is the sole technology that includes in-house smart and innovative tracking devices.

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