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Fleetilla is a powerful and simple cloud-based software that provides fleet management software to all kinds of vehicles. This software is GPS integrated and is involved in all aspects of delivery solutions such as hardware designing, cloud-based solutions, and wireless connectivity. The software allows for tracking vehicles and communicating with workers on the go. This tracking software is supported by long-life battery-powered hardware designed and manufactured in the US. Given the fact that it could be used in various sectors – Fleetilla is an end-to-end solution provider, which has built an infinite understanding of the GPS telematics, equipment monitoring, and transportation segments.

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FleetFACTZ Pricing:

Cost will vary based on the business requirements and size of the organization.

FleetFACTZ has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact FleetFACTZ to obtain current pricing.

FleetFACTZ Demo:

The product demo is available on its website through videos and animated transitions. The demo is divided into various parts depending on who is the end-user. It also provides full support for your Fleet Management sessions.

FleetFACTZ Features:

  • Monitor Vehicle Information and Tracking: Fleetilla helps to record the vehicle information and tracking details through the GPS and provides alerts.
  • Monitors Fuel Consumption: Element Fleet Management monitors and automatically retrieves the information on the amount of fuel consumed by a particular vehicle, thereby reducing the needless usage of fuel and extra mileage.
  • Lessen Operating Cost: Element Fleet Management is considered the most important and essential feature, which helps to check on long route travel and saves on both cost and fuel.


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