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WorkWave GPS
New Jersey, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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WorkWave GPS USP

The softwaare is one of the most thriving cloud-based solutions for fleet management and field services. The solution can be used for planning the delivery routes and optimizing the routes for faster delivery using the shortest and fastest routes. The solution eliminates the unprofitable time in the field. The software is a mobile-based and convenient field service software which sync with both computer and smartphones. The integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) offers complete visibility and points down the exact location of the delivery vehicle. Given the fact that it could be used for various services – food delivery, grocery delivery, logistics, field service, pest control service, and much more – the software is a fast-growing solution that connects with several business aspects and insights and provides outstanding customer service. This is achieved through its integrated set of software solutions – PestPac, WorkWave Service, WorkWave Route Manager, and WorkWave GPS.

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The Pricing:

Cost will vary based on the business requirements and size of the organization.

the company has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact the company to obtain current pricing.

The Demo:

The product demo is available on its website through videos and animated transitions. The demo is divided into various parts depending on who is the end-user. It also provides full support for your Fleet Management sessions.

The Features:

  • Route Optimization: The software helps in planning and optimizing the efficient route maps to ensure less fuel usage, wait time, and delivery time. 
  • Empower Drivers: The software offers user-friendly mobile apps for effortless usage. It helps to analyze the driver’s productivity and accountability through detailed task history. Delivery completion by the driver can be known by in-app feature through the photo collection, signatures, barcodes, or notes.
  • Live Alerts: The software helps in giving live alerts or customized SMS alerts at every stage of delivery.


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WorkWave GPS
66 Buyers Negotiating
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