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  • 2013
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6SENSE in Fraud Detection Software

6SENSE Overview

6sense provide AI powered machine learning fraud detection platform which have the following features:

Features of 6Sense are:

  • Predictive Intelligence: The platform uses predictive intelligence to analyze account-based buying journeys, contacts, and leads, on all the stages of sales funnels.
  • New Account Information: New in-market accounts, even if they are not in the customers' list. These accounts with high buying potential can be identified with AI for future benefits.


6Sense is a trusted account-based management platform that helps an organization to unleash customer behaviors, buying patterns, priorities, demands in the market. Utilizing the power of AI, ML and big data for fraud prevention and detection, 6Sense empowers enterprises with research and analytics through account-based buying journey of customers so that they get to increase opportunities for business expansion.

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