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EXPERIAN Fraud Detection Software

  • California, USA
  • 1996
  • $1BN to $5BN
Education, Retail and Consumer Goods, Energy and Utilities, IT and Telecom, Government and Public Sector
Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America
Company Overview
Experian offers various solutions in the FDP market.
  • BizID, a business authentication and risk assessment solution;
  • Fraud Shield, a compliance and high-risk identity solution, which checks credit profiles and identifies advanced fraudulent activities;
  • National Fraud Database, an accessible consortium of confirmed fraud records;
  • Fraud Analytics and Consulting Services, which provides users with Data Lab, custom analytics, optimization, and decisioning expertise;
  • AML (ASSIST//score), which helps to qualify, quantify, and rank suspicious activity;
  • ProneID, a global identity authentication and risk assessment solution;
  • AutoDoc-ID, a web-based global document validation solution;
  • CrossCore, an open platform for single integration to connected fraud and identity services;
  • Precise ID, an identity authentication and risk assessment solution in North America that provides Precise ID for Account Opening, Precise ID for Compliance, Precise ID for Customer Management and Precise ID for Identity Screening;
  • Knowledge IQ, a knowledge-based authentication tool to identify, authenticate, and prevent fraudulent activities;
  • FraudNet, a device intelligence and risk assessment solution to protect users from online fraud;
  • Identity Element Network, which identifies risk attributes associated with identity activity analysis; and
  • Hunter, a solution which matches application data against multiple data sources, device application and shared fraud databases, mortality data, and dedicated ‘watch lists.

Experian provides an extensive product portfolio in the FDP market. The company provides fraud detection and identity management solutions and services to protect its users from fraudulent activities. The company also provides solutions across account opening fraud, application fraud, compliance, identity screening, and online fraud detection.

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EXPERIAN PLC Presence in Fraud Detection Software
Experian helps its clients to minimize the risk to their organization while delivering the sort of customer experience that people expect. The company helps its customers to lend effectively, to detect and minimize fraud, and to comply with legal requirements. The company helps its customers to identify new opportunities, including more efficient ways to run their businesses and better ways to cross-sell their products. The company does this by combining its own data with data from clients and third-parties, and then using advanced technologies to organize and analyze this data, turning it into useful information and something meaningful which its customers can act on. The company’s clients can make lending decisions for hundreds of millions of credit applications every year and can also avoid fraud by checking if the applicants are genuine. Experian has 3,000 technologists and data scientists working with over 12,000 organizations in more than 90 countries, from small start-ups to multi-nationals and governments. The company’s strategy is centered on delivering world-class expertise to organizations, transforming its relationship with consumers and delivering growth consistently, underpinned by foundations crucial to their success. The company has maintained a strong relationship with its partners. Its partners include distribution partners, solution partners, and technology partners such as Cloudera, Turn, AOL, AT&T AdWorks, MSN, NinthDecimal, Zeta Interactive, Litmus, Fluent, Magnetic, and Waterfall.
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