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FISERV INC in Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions


FISERV provides Fraud Risk and AML Compliance Management solution which is used for detecting fraudulent activities. The Financial Risk Management Platform includes Check Fraud Manager, Payment Fraud Manager, AML Risk Manager, and AML Risk Manager for Casinos.

The platform provides a complete outline of the crimes related to financial institutions. It uses the predictive analytics technology to provide customers real-time fraud scores. This helps to reduce the number of false-positives and enhance profitability by minimizing fraud losses.


Fiserv is a prominent player offering financial services to SMEs and large enterprises across the globe. The company delivers risk and compliance solutions and services. Fiserv offers solutions such as Payment Fraud Manager, Fraud Risk Manager, Fraud Risk and AML Compliance Management, and Check Fraud Manager in the FDP market.

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FISERV INC Presence in Fraud Detection Software
Fiserv has adopted the strategies of acquisitions and partnerships to deliver modern FDP technologies and expand its customer base. For instance, in August 2017, the company acquired Dovetail to enhance its offerings in the payment infrastructure segment. In June 2017, Fiserv acquired Monitise plc and enhanced its digital banking platform. In December 2016, the company acquired Online Banking Solutions, Inc. and strengthened its cash management and digital business banking processes. Similarly, the company’s partnership with FCTI helped it to offer transaction processing for nearly 8,000 ATM terminals. In March 2016, the company acquired the assets of ACI Worldwide's Community Financial Services business and empowered its digital payment capabilities. These strategies have helped Fiserv to remain a step ahead in the FDP market.

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