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  • Central District, Israel
  • 1986
  • $1BN to $5BN
Education, Retail and Consumer Goods, Energy and Utilities, IT and Telecom, Government and Public Sector
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Company Overview
NICE Actimize’s FDP portfolio, which includes AML, FDP financial markets compliance, and Enterprise Risk Case Management (ERCM), protects organizations from fraudulent activities.Through its AML solution suite, the company offers Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Watch List Filtering (WLF), and CTR Processing and Automation.
  • SAM helps users to detect and report any kind of suspicious activity related to fraudulent activities. NICE Actimize provides fraud prevention solutions with features such as card fraud, remote banking fraud, commercial banking fraud, employee fraud, deposit account fraud, and authentication-IQ.
  • Fraudulent activities related to ATM, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and signature Point-Of-Sale (POS) are detected by its card fraud solution.
  • The company’s employee fraud solution monitors fraudulent activities related to employee activity and breach of any enterprise corporate policies. ActimizeWatch is a fraud analytics optimization solution that helps various organizations to identify frauds occurring in their surrounding companies and make provisions to protect themselves from such fraudulent activities.
  • The company also offers fraud consulting and services by providing extended support to its clients. This helps organizations to enhance their fraud prevention environment, minimize fraud losses, and enhance customer experience. The company offers guidance to financial institutions from experts, and various insights and knowledge related to fraud management.

NICE Actimize provides authentication in fraud protection. The company has come up with real-time voice authentication that uses biometrics to identify users. The AML solutions offered by NICE Actimize are smart and cost-effective, and minimize the risks occurring due to fraudulent activities.

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NICE-SYSTEMS LTD Presence in Fraud Detection Software
NICE is an established software and services provider for FDP solutions, with a global presence across various verticals. The company focuses on strengthening its expertise in the FDP market through organic as well as inorganic strategic growth initiatives. The company has made acquisitions and strategic partnerships to expand and diversify its portfolio of FDP solutions and services. For instance, in July 2016, NICE Actimize signed an agreement with Tableau Software to provide its customers with a visual analytics solution named Actimize Visual Analytics. This solution provides BI to combat financial crime and fraud. The company invests a huge part of its revenue into R&D for new product development. For instance, in 2016, the company invested USD 152.0 million. The company sells and provides support for its solutions to customers through direct and indirect sales channels which comprise service providers, distributors, system integrators, consulting firms, and value-added resellers. The company has entered into strategic alliances with Accenture, Cisco, IBM, TCS, Verizon, Cognizant, and Infosys.
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