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Buildbox USP

The USP of Buildbox is its user friendly and interactive interface which where no prior knowledge, skillset or development of coding is required. These features provide lead to many initiatives which ultimately leads to improvements and performance enhancements in game design and play. Efficient leadership allows suggestions and healthy criticism to follow through and helps to manage the Key-Based performance indicators ( KPI's ).

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Buildbox game development software was the creation of Trey Smith and this game was created in August 2014 with the objective of popularizing the development of games and providing a way for anyone to be able to create video games without having to code or use programming. Gaming has now become the new norm and is pretty likely to overtake other means of entertainment and Buildbox is trying to achieve this objective through its multifunctional game processors. 

Buildbox Pricing :

Buildbox Pricing has two pricing categories yearly and monthly that the users may choose depending on their requirements for a unique customizable plan. Its Monthly packages are as follows:

1.Free package free of cost.

2.Plus package for $14.99 per month.

3.Pro package for $59.99 per month.

Buildbox Pricing plans for Yearly packages:

1.Free package free of cost.

2.Plus package for $124.99 per month.

3.Pro package for $499.99 per month.

Buildbox Game Development Software Demo:

The Buildbox homepage has a demo video that explains gaming and its various other aspects in a lucid manner and provides detailed information to the audience about this platform.

Buildbox Game Development Software Features:

  • Simple Analytics
  • Develop and create a gaming platform without much knowledge about technical stuff.
  • Easy to use interface so that even an amateur can easily identify significant points.
  • No prior coding knowledge
  • Provides a gaming platform where no coding knowledge is required which makes the task of developing games simple.
  • Diverse work culture
  • People from all walks of life can participate in the workforce and this prevents discrimination.
  •  Generates a sense of belonging and participation becomes encouraging rather than disparaging.
  • Common Agenda
  • Induces passion and enforces the development of new initiatives day in day out.
  • Promotes optimum utilization of resources with the least possible wastage.


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Buildbox Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Effective gameplay and accessible interface”

The operations of Buildbox require no technical skills which make for an integrated work experience along with designers, software engineers, and game developers.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 02, 2020

“A game-changer in the realm of development of games”

Provides ample opportunities to utilize one''s potential to create and work on varied video game based tools.
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