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GameMaker: Studio
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GameMaker studio provides the platform for users to build games from the scrap with ease at lighting speed. GameMaker studio with its compatibility allows users to develop games on various devices without any glitch and latency. GameMaker studio allows anyone to build 2D games by using single codes which can be uploaded on any operating system along with the facilities of real-time editing. GameMaker Studio has gained popularity among developers due to its high functionality interface which anyone can avail. 

GameMaker Studio Features 

  • Intuitive Interface
    • Superior functionality of the interface which can be operated at ease.
    • Incorporated with the facilities to develop games on the device that is laptop or Pcs.

  • Cross-platform Workflow
  • Facilities of importing data on various platforms with ease.
    • Incorporated with the function of splitting the editor and simultaneously working on various files.

  • Drag and Drop
  • Incorporated with the attribute of drag and drop which can help the user to build the game without writing any codes.
  • Massive database which can help the user to mould out the game of there interest with facilities under the coding which is involved.

  • Image Editor 
    • Build a high-quality image with the attributes provided in the editor.
    • Incorporated with animation which can bring up the standards of the game.

  • Inbuilt Softwares
  • Generate high-quality 2D games by using software which is incorporated in the platform.
  • Aids in monetising for the user by using facilities of in-app purchase.

GameMaker Studio Pricing

GameMaker Studio pricing provides various plans based upon user subscription it can range from $39 per year to $799 per year which vary based upon the platform on which the developer can publish the game.

Here are GameMaker Studio Plans and Pricing:

  1. CREATOR- $39/year
  2. DEVELOPER- $99 for the permanent license
  3. CONSOLE- $799/year

GameMaker Studio Demo

GameMaker Studio provides free demo and documentation on the website along with paid training sessions so that the user can get accustomed to the software. There is also a free trial available on the website.


  • +9
    On-Site Support
  • +8
    Remote Support
  • +10
    2D Games
  • +5
    3D Games
  • +12
    In-Game Analytics
  • +11
    IT Asset Management
  • +7
    Multi-player Gaming Network
  • +13
    Physics Simulation
  • +14
  • +5
    Customer Support Service
  • +7
    Support and Maintenance
  • +6
    Training and Development
  • +8
    Annual Subscription
  • +5
  • +6
    Free Trial
  • +11
    Installed - Mac
  • +10
    Installed - Windows
  • +13
  • +10
  • +6
    In-App Purchase
  • -8
    Player Management
  • -9
    Virtual Reality
  • -14
  • -13
    iPhone / iPad
  • -7
    Monthly Subscription
  • -9
    One-Time License
  • -12
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • -11
  • -12
  • -14
    Others, please specify

GameMaker: Studio Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

May 02, 2020

“Easy way to build a game”

GameMaker Studio with the attributes of drag and drop helps the developer who is creating the game for the first time.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“The superior quality of animation”

GameMaker Studio inbuilt software helps in developing real-life characters with high animations.
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