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GeoMoby USP

GeoMoby Geofencing Solutions provides rich and actionable analytics. It can target smartphones and send messages, arranging from few meters up to several kilometers. The GeoMoby solution can be easily integrated into the existing applications, using SDK or web API. Furthermore, it helps manage and synchronize geofences into applications within seconds. With GeoMoby Geofencing Solutions microfencing, the geographic target range can be anywhere from a few centimeters up to 50 meters from the location of an iBeacon. It allows users to deploy infinite microfences around any venue with a few clicks. Each time a customer triggers a microfence, the application delivers a message, loads relevant content, processes the payment, and modifies the UX to the user’s physical environment. iBeacons require buying, placing, and maintenance of hardware whereas geofencing does not require these. Request GeoMoby Pricing to get more information.


GeoMoby Geofencing Solutions is a carrier-agnostic platform for smartphone applications, which enables laser-focused, geo-targeted messaging. The company’s solution transitions smoothly between different location sources for real-time monitoring. Thus, its location-based technology can be applied to any industry, where real-time geolocation can add new services and values. GeoMoby's patented battery safe technology and innovations in outdoor and indoor geofencing capabilities are some of its differentiators. It enables application developers and marketers to define multiple Points of Interest (PoI) and trigger actions depending on multiple criteria, in relation to geofences. In mobile advertising, it helps clients in targeting right customers at the right time and place. Furthermore, it drives additional revenue by adding real-time context and precise location relevance to the ads sent. It also helps in bridging the gap between mobile, online, and offline sales. The company also provides microfencing that uses iBeacons to detect consumer mobile devices within a limited geographic boundary. 

GeoMoby Pricing
Detailed GeoMoby pricing has not been disclosed by the company, but it is in line with the other solutions in the Geofencing Solutions market. Most companies and vendors require customers to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on the customer needs. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

GeoMoby Demo
GeoMoby Geofencing Solutions has not published any details about its demo. However, if required, customers may fill out an application and schedule a demo with the company.


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GeoMoby Presence in Geofencing Solutions
GeoMoby is a geolocation platform that enables businesses to take advantage of geolocation advertising. GeoMoby’s technology addresses privacy concerns by not recording any personal information and uses encryptions to ensure that the collected data is truly safe. Its public API allows businesses to seamlessly integrate its technology into the already existing platforms. The company’s key goals are to raise more capital, acquire more customers, and work toward setting up a longer-term San Francisco office. No hardware is used in geofencing and this helps organizations with cost savings. The company’s vision is to accelerate its growth in terms of product offerings and geographical presence. It also aims to increase its official presence globally and is working continuously to open new offices to serve its clients. The company makes enterprises more efficient, productive, and secure by enabling fast and flexible responses to the rapidly changing competitive business environment. GeoMoby firmly believes in making continual efforts to enrich customer relationships by offering new products and providing continuous product support
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