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LOCALYTICS Geofencing Solutions


The Localytics geofencing solution, Places, works by sending mobile application users content that is personalized to their current location. With Places, users can send push notifications to their customers, the instant they enter or exit a specific location, even if they do not have the user’s application open. Additionally, users can analyze data on physical locations which gives access to insights and geotargeting capabilities. Places can support up to 10,000 geofences. It is a fully integrated part of the Localytics platform that requires no additional SDKs, dashboards, or vendors. Furthermore, it uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell towers for the most accurate location. With True Impact, the customers can exactly see how push notifications drive changes in the user behavior. The customers can also keep a watch on unintended side effects.


Localytics Geofencing software helps its clients engage with their customers with push notifications in the form of images, Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs), videos, or audio files directly for more compelling results. The company’s targeting capabilities and True Impact campaign reports make it easy for customers to effectively engage their mobile app users. True Impact is the company’s campaign reporting tool.

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Localytics’ goal is to help its customers build stronger relationships through its analytics and marketing platform. The company is expanding globally through its offices in San Francisco and London. The company’s clientele has used its solutions to create personalized application experiences that drive higher engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value. Few of its clients include eBay, Salesforce.com, Microsoft, and The New York Times. The company has been contributory toward its inorganic strategies, which is evident from the fact that in March 2017, Localytics, the Boston-based mobile engagement platform acquired Tapglue, which offers an API and backend service to mobile application developers. This API enables developers to add social features to their applications. Additionally, this acquisition helped Localytics’ developers add a social layer and other engagement features to their applications.


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